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Sentencing Paper

When a person commits a crime and gets caught a sentence is imposed. The reason for these sentences to punish the individual for their action with regards that the individual will not do it again. Their several forms of sentencing from the state and the federal prison system, state may sentence an individual to drug court, probation, ankle bracelet, Mandatory Minimum Sentences, mental health, or jail time. While the federal prison will sentence time in a federal prison and a half way house. The federal and the state both have the same objective when it comes down to sentencing. The objective is to give the person or person’s deterrence or to discourage from becoming a repeat offender. With deterrence they have two types; one is directed to the individual in order to make an attempt to keep him from coming back into the system it is called specific. The other one is use for the example throughout the community to let them know they will not allow them to act and do what they want to do and it is called general (Charles Sturt University, 2014).

Along with deterrence there is retribution, this is where the crime and the time or punishment shall agree. If someone still a candy bar that person should not receive a life sentence in prison or if someone goes out and rape five first graders should not receive probation for that crime that is why retribution is so important. This process is put in prospective by the judge when he is looking over a case. The next step in this process would be the rehab. In the attempt to keep inmates to re visit the system reform has been set in place. In this process the focuss is on the recidivism of repeat offenders (Charles Sturt University, 2014). ”You should also be aware of the notion of therapeutic justice, a partnership between the criminal justice system and health authorities as it acknowledges that a reform objective can be more readily facilitated, for example with addiction based crimes, if these bodies work together to support the offender whose behavior needs to be changed. The Drug Court and the Youth Drug and Alcohol Court are examples of therapeutic justice in action in NSW, as is the MERIT program (Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment).

The ‘stick’ of the criminal justice system remains, where offenders fail to fulfill the rehabilitation program that has been imposed on them by the Court then further sanctions apply. All aspects of the rehabilitation and further sanctions are part of the one sentencing process,” Charles Sturt University, 2014. Finally to be able to protect society by removing them from the streets when they are consider a threat to society is called incapacitation ( Charles Sturt University, 2014). The system is affected in many ways when it comes to the sentencing of inmates the state and the federal system has been effected, in the late part of the, 90’s the truth sentencing began where it cut back on early time release and porole. If a inmate receive a fifteen year sentence he or her was no longer looking to do half of their time they had to do what is called day for day and this went from making only half of what it cost to house an inmate to double which put the system in a billion dollar mark.

Because the crime increased and when they looked closer it was realized that the majority of inmates was repeat offenders from either parole or early release. This also has become a burden on states who has been in a bind on funding and laws has been implemented to change the way inmates are housed and plan has been placed in effect to start letting more inmates out so that these states can bounce back from this with the help of reform so these inmates will not come back through the system. Giving the opportunity to learn job skills and given a chance to learn education and how to have a positive attitude can help the inmates to succeed if they implement this into their life and it allow the system to save money with crime being down (The Corrections Connection ©. Copyright 1996 – 2014). When the judge sentence a person to time where he had fifty to life after that person completes the fifty years he is eligible for parole and have to go before the committee to see if they will grant him or her the rights to be under supervised parole, if that person is not granted within any of that time of the maximum sentences the parole board can grant the inmate parole if not then the inmate will have to do the max sentence in this case would be life Seiter, R. (2011).

Now on the other hand if face with a judge and you receive a sentence where you are given ten years and it is a mandatory sentence it is called determinate sentences Seiter, R. (2011).In order to determent which model would be best would have to be giving the crime in order to base which one will work best for a serial killer I would say determinate sentencing because they deserve to do one hundred percent of their time if not sentence to death. For someone with a simple or minor felony I would have to say good time so that that inmate will be allowed to work on whatever issues they was having and work the way out of the system.

In conclusion when a person violate the law there are many things that have to be considered before sentencing. One of the many things are what type of crime was it the guidelines to follow that charge. The level of security threat this person hold, rather it is a state crime or should it get bound over as a federal offense. How many times this person has been tried on the same charge was this person on parole or probation did the violate drug court. So much goes on in sentencing a person for a crime that many people do not know.

References References me/4076/sentencing_crime.htm Seiter, R. (2011). Corrections an introduction (3rd edition).

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