Sense of Humanity vs Danger Caused by Adults

To all the people around the world who pay no attention to their actions, who just seek for their personal interests, who neglect their fellow human beings suffering in silence, shattered, crippled. those human beings are in pursuit of a plain thing, peace. I believe it is everyone’s right around the globe.

Power is abused, probably a million times a day, all over the world. People should stand by each other, rebel, fight for a better future, a future with dignity, equality, a future cleaned from such parasites who are spread in our society from such a corrupt system.

The only purpose of such parasites is to benefit only themselves with no regard to the damages that could be caused as a response to their careless attitudes, senseless minds, and hearts. One of these damages are wars that could occur in a nation.

Wars are caused by adults. But who do you think suffers the most?. Unfortunately, it is the children who are displaced from their homes, abducted, abused, and even trafficked.

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young and adolescent girls are subjected mostly to sexual violence, forced into marriages.

Children are like a white paper; their lives depend on the written part. If the child is taught good manners, raised in a well-educated society, he will grow up as an independent, intelligent human being. But, if the child is raised within a handicapped society, handicapped souls, a handicapped family, the result of that creation would be disastrous.

What have the children committed to experiencing such brutality, such violence? their families are torn apart, sometimes killed, tortured.

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Their innocence and their future which is ahead of them is destroyed, stolen away from them by the most awful ways.

Children are like roses in the hands of those barbaric, savage, wicked animals, children bear the scars forever. It is high time to do something about it, it is high time to rebel against the people in power who instead of taking a stand to make this life a beautiful adventure, a life that is free, and peaceful, a life that is worth to live in; preferred to not involve themselves in a mess they have created. These people are living demons who need to be exorcised, their souls are possessed by demonic spirits which have stolen their sense of humanity.

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