The Significance of Ageing: A Professional Perspective

Ageing is a concern for all. Our sensitivity to the issue is only heightened when we reach what we commonly refer to as the “ripe old age.” By then, experiencing, hands-on basis, the rudiments of being and growing old. Perhaps upon reflection, actually glean on the blindness and without the knowledge of parents and grandparents who became senior citizens way before our generation. Several countries, whether developed or developing, are beginning to view ageing from a very different perspective the current concepts.

The potential to live healthier for longer years has raised expectations about people’s lifestyles beyond 60’s and what may be possible. People are questioning and reviewing their attitudes to education, work, their community, personal living arrangement, health and fitness, relationships and spiritual needs. Rapid population ageing and urbanization will be accompanied by increased needs and demands from mainstreaming older persons in the society, income security, appropriate healthcare, housing and other social services.

All these have to be addressed by older persons themselves, their families, their communities, by concerned members of civil society and by local and national government.

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Measures have to be undertaken by all stakeholders now to cope with the mounting challenges posed by the population ageing phenomenon. Republic Act 7432 “An Act to Maximize the Contributions of Senior Citizens to Nation Building, Grant Benefits and Privileges and for other Purposes.” Approved April 23, 1992, amended by Republic Act 9257 “The Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2003” approved February 26, 2004, and further amended Republic Act 9994 “An Act granting additional Benefits and Privileges to Senior Citizen, further amending Republic Act 7432, as Amended, Otherwise Known as an ‘Act to Maximize the Contributions of Senior Citizens to Nation Building, Grants Benefits and Special Privilege and for Other Purposes’” approved February 15, 2010 expanded the benefits and privileges afforded to the senior citizens of this country.

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Some of the benefits are: giving 20% discount on medical and dental services, educational assistance on the pursuit of post secondary, tertiary, post tertiary and vocational or technical education in both public and private schools, and, to the extent possible, the grant of special discounts in special programs on purchase of basic commodities all in accordance with guidelines.


The primary aim of this study is to present the living condition of the senior citizens on the side of their immediate family member. Secondary is to answer the following questions: What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Highest educational attainment
  • Position in the previous employment

No. of siblings and immediate family members living with them How senior citizen’s behavior/attitude affects in the relationship with their immediate family members? What problems encountered by the senior citizens when their relationship with their immediate family member is concern? What are the possible solutions to address the problems encountered? Hypothesis

There is no significant effect of the relationship of senior citizens with their immediate family member of the family to their living condition.


This study will provide us information about the living condition of Senior Citizens in Barangay 150, in Caloocan City. Its significant will be presenting as the statement follows: BARANGAY-As the researchers conducted the survey method, they have found out the top problem of Senior Citizens in Barangay 150, in Caloocan City. As the result, Barangay would provide the integration of program in order to give benefits to the Senior Citizens. SCHOOL- University of Caloocan City is also a public servant. This study would inform students especially to those who have Senior Citizens in their family about their living condition. FAMILY-Philippines is a family-oriented country. Conflict within the immediate family members of Senior Citizens truly affects their attitude/behavior and also their living condition. This is to provide each family the awareness to the living condition of Senior Citizens whenever they having conflict with them.

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The Significance of Ageing: A Professional Perspective
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