Seminar Advantage and Disadvantage Essay

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Seminar Advantage and Disadvantage

* The advantage in preparing your seminar in two months prior to your seminar is that you can prepare everything with excellence because you have a lot of time to prepare. * You have a lot of time to locate a good venue, decide a design so that can capture the audience interest by seeing the area so relaxing and refreshing. * Whatever food you plan to fix, try to keep to the middle of the road in your selections of what to fix. Think of the food not only for its basic food value but for how much enjoyment it will give in the eating of it. Once you have your menus made, purchase all of your groceries that can bought ahead * You can also get a very good speaker or host in your seminar * You can decide how many audience you are going to invite, and what your target market are. * You also have a lot of time to expand your prospective list.


* The disadvantage of this longer preparation is that there is a tendency that you are going to change everything of what you have planned earlier, because of changing of your plan every day to make your seminar beautiful until the day will come.


* The advantage in this stage is you can allocate more of your time to perform what is your task in this period. * Make sure that your invitation card is amazing and creative. This time, you can change anytime your invitations if there is a computer error in your invitation. * You should check how obtaining and testimonial the speaker is, it is for you to know how effective he is as a speaker so that the audience will digest the agenda of your seminar clearly. * Preparing your agenda to cannot commit mistake in front of the audience. * You must check your site for the temperature problems, check the average of your sets, room type and shape of the area, for the finalization of the set ups of the venue.


* The disadvantage of this week there’s so many seminars are marvelously full of content but somehow more difficult to digest because there is one keynote in the introduction by the speakers and the subjects is common chain of reasoning or unified body with perhaps many details but one overriding theme.


* The advantage of this week you will know that if they are available and interested in your seminar. * Distributing your list of potential attendees will shorten the time for you to look for an audience. * You have a little more time to develop your list of audience if the other response that they cannot come to the seminar. * You have a chance to convince the audience to attend the seminar by calling them. * By having the tarpaulin, media, and brochures, you do not need to come to that person and convince them to attend the seminar. * People will come and have a registration if they are interested.


* The disadvantage is that there’s an audience will refuse your invitation and there are times the publicity you made is not that effective most specially if you are lack of finance in conducting your seminar or your publication is too plain to get the attention of an audience to be in your seminar.


* The advantage of this week is that you have final attendees in your list. * The thing to do is to send them letter to confirm if ever they change their mind, you still have time to look for a replacement. * Obtain the material for presentation to prevent problems. * Create evaluation sheet and checklist for attendees in advance, for the event come the list is prepared. * Create a certification or token in advance to prevent hassle.


* The disadvantage of this week, you do not have much time to handle a big problems is there is, must especially in the venue.


* This week you have a confirm attendees on your list book and you will instruct them where the venue is, what time it will be and the registration fee. * The event you are planning is well prepared and done.


* You do not have time if there will be an audience to back out. In venue, materials, invitation, token problems etc. there is no more time to fix.

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