Selling Apporoach Essay

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Selling Apporoach

1. It is important for a sales person to anticipate buyers concerns and objectives because it shows that you have concerns as well and as a sales person you must generate the correct information to help buyers understand there interest. 2. There are multiple numbers of objectives, but only a few are more difficult to handle and they fall in this categories needs objection, product or service objectives, company or source objections, price objections and time objectives. 3. The direct denial method should only be used unsubstantially. It would also be better to use it towards customers that you already established a good vibe for the relationship.

4. I do agree to the saying “if a sales person gets sales resistance, then he or she has done a very good job during the presentation because that means that they didn’t clearly give enough information toward the customer concerns. 5. I believe a sales person want to agree to sales resistance if the sale wasn’t meant for them. 6. There should never be a situation where the sales person can’t overcome sales resistance because there is a term LAARC. Its and acronym for listen, acknowledge, asses, respond and confirmed that describes an effective process for sales people to follow to overcome sales resistance.

7. I agree that closing is the most important stage of the sells process because it’s a review of everything discussed and it give the consumer and sales person clarification and unsterdaning the product 8. Sales people shouldn’t have any closing techniques ready to use during a sales call because all customers have different needs and wants to a product so it should be based on what the salesperson picks up to determine what the closing technique should be. 9. The eLAARC method can be used for all types of sales resistance because it evolves you to listen, acknowledge, respond, and confirm the sales resistance. 10. The best method to handle sales resistance is to know your product, keep a positive attitude, be enthusiastic, and keep your customer happy.

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