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Selling a product Essay

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The slogan is all part of the brand package for the meddeteranian cruise advert, and it combines with the images created with the use of the swan and Helen of Troy: ‘Discoveries of a Lifetime’; the elegent tone and formal vocabulary used combine with the images of the swan and Helen; there is dignity in the seriousness in the vocabulary, but it also insites a sense of adventure and excitement which would make a potential buyer keen to go on a cruise and see the amazing discoveries; it also conveys the uniqueness of the experiences you will have on a Swan Hellenic cruise. It makes the expereinces you will have on a Swan Hellenic cruise seem special, as well as unique, and makes it seem as if that if you turn down the chance to go on a cruise, you will never have the chance again.

Once again, however, the Scottish Highlands advert lacks a concrete slogan. Because it does’nt promote any perticular company, and only a product (the Highlands themselves), there is no company slogan to use; really, it has more of a tag; the visitscotland web address; the advert is used to draw people in with its imagery before directing the reader to a resource for more information, rather than selling a product directly to the reader.

The most striking contrast between the two adverts is the use of text and tone. The cruise advert uses a personal tone in the style of a postcard (together with a font which looks as if it is handwritten) to give the advert the style ofa one on one conversation between the reader and a friend; the personal style makes the dvert seem as if it has been purposefuly created for the reader and thus makes it seem more relevent to them. The description of the area is also personal rather than ‘it shines like a beacon in the sun’, which would be used ina formal desprition, the phrase ‘it shone like a beacon in the sun’ is used to give the text the feeling of it being a person’s despription, enhancing the personal feel.

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The text is of a relevent size to make it seem legitimately handwritten (and is spaced to achieve the same effect), but it is hugh up enough on the pafge for the glorious, sprawling and idyllic medeterranian scene to be seen in full. The use of ‘we’ in the opening paragraph affirms the audience the product is aimed at; couples or groups, and also suggestes a shared experience, which the whole party enjoyed; the use of the phrase ‘never knew existed’ not only enforces the uniqueness of the cruises but also suggest that you will learn and be entralled in the process by going on the cruise.

The text reffering to the monks being ‘hoisted up in a basket’ gives the text even more of a personal feel because it comes accros as a private joke; the final use of humour does what the phrase about the monks does and also makes the reader laugh, hopng to usethe humour to help them remember the advert. The body of text underneath the picture is used to push the cruises themselves. Within the first sentence, you have all the positives of a Swan Hellenic cruise laid out for you with a rheotorical question on the end to make you think about them all; the text also speaks directly to the target audience (couples or groups who want to get away from modern life) with the promise of ‘places off the beaten track’ and also promises once again that you will learn whilst on the cruise.

Having considered the rheotoricalquestion, the reader is confronted with still more of the cruises virtues Havinggiven the reader all the virtues of a cruise with Swan Hellenic in the firsttwo sentances, the text then details how to obtain them all in a plethora of ways, all guaranteed to be easy, quick, effective and hair-tearing free; the use of the phrase ‘friendly team are waiting to assist you’ conjures up an office full of happy people who will wait for a time convinient to you to assist you in choosing a perfect holiday; another virtue, and only in the third sentence. Where as the Swan Helenic advert uses an extensive amount of text, the Scottish Highlands advert uses short, snappy and witty (slightly sarcastic) phrases to give it a chic, modern air. The text stands out because of its position on the page and the sentences lead sraight on into each other.

The other body of text is small and secreted away so as not to detract from the all-important picture; the phrase ‘make your own entertainment’ makes use of innuendo and gives a certain allure to coming to the coming to the Scottish Highlands; the useof aquestion directly followed by an answer (‘Want to come? Go online.’) points a reader where to go without giving him or her time to think; it’s almost s if he or she as nochoice.

Those last two sentences are also short and snappy, as is the ‘tag’ visitscotland.com, which is is easy to remember andstresses that you shoud visit Scotland; the use of an incomplete andshort address rather than a longwinded one also keeps up the modern theme (by missing off the http:// and www. sections of the website address and using something catchy like visitscotland.com and not something like uktourism.co.uk/scotland/highlands/visit_scotland.html the shot and snappy nature of the text is kept going and it is also a stylish ddress.).

In conclusion, this study has shown how two adverts selling he same product (holidays) and aimed at a simmilar demographic (high-earning Times readers) can be vastly different. Whilst the Swan Hellenic advert relies on showcasing and using a built up image of the Medetteranian and the reputation of P&O cruises the Scottish Highlands advert tries relentlessly to dispelpreconceptions about the Scottish Highlands through the use of modern colours, the internet, short, snappy phrases and a modern sense of humour. In my opinion, the Swan Hellenic is more successful becauseit has a built up image to rely on and fall back on and so the product is easier to sell throgh visual showcasing and the use of language techniques (,etaphor in ‘like a beacon in the sun’ rheotorical questions), and the conotations of the swan and Helen of Troy to sell it’s product.

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