Self Study and Self Management Essay Essay

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Self Study and Self Management Essay

Self study is mean revising the lessons and doing the homework outside the classroom without any supervision; furthermore, controlling the self management better is leading students to be succeed in the university even in the future. This essay will discuss about the importance of self study and self management at university. There are a number of importances on self study at university. Firstly, it helps students to have more practice out of the class. In most of the time, students learn from the teacher in the lectures but there is not enough to qualify for an examination within an hour lesson in university. Teacher will just teach students what is the main idea of the book tells and conclude all the things in that short period of time. There is no point in studying whole book within 3-4 hours lecture per week; in addition, students will feel tired during the long class lesson and become less attention. They can not understand the book clearly.

Therefore, students need to use their leisure times to study more through books and it is good to improve the efficiency on study; for example, students can take time off when they feel tired as there will be some spare times between lessons. It is believed that student would need to take a break after concentrating on study for an hour or an hour and a half. It is not important for the quantity of studying hours but the quality on effective self study, so students should draft the study plan earlier before they start to run their own self study project. Secondly, a successful self study plan could be carried out is by good self management. If there is the lure likes someone asks you to join the university society activities and you are attracted to join it, your self management would be bad.

In university, you are extremely free to do anything and choose which is the best for yourself as you were an adult already. For instance, good time management is important that if you allocate all the time to play, your result of examination would be fair. Balanced time for relax and study would help to have great result on studies, also can still have interesting university life. Next is self discipline, lecture in the morning at 9 a.m. is quite difficult for students in university to attend because they can not wake up early or not willing to go after having fun. If you can meet this target for a whole year, your self discipline should be great, as you can control yourself well.

It is considered that having good motivation would lead you to be successful in university. That is why it is important of self management. Hence, it can be inferred that both self study and self management are importance at university. Those two things are not only need to implement but also need to be sustainable. It helps to test whether you are succeeded or not with induce by the colorful university life. Without one of the elements would affect you deeply.

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