Self Report And Reflection Conmmuication Essay

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Self Report And Reflection Conmmuication

Communication in the work place is important between all team members and families when taking care of patients. During the self-report scale assignment, I realized how much communication is important during my everyday job. As an emergency room nurse, you can become very task oriented because things are happening at a very fast pace. These are the times that things can go wrong if we are not careful and question every order. The relationship between the nurse and patient is not the only relationship that needs to be open and honest. All team members involved including the doctors, physician’s assistances, other nurses and ER tech’s need to have the patient’s best interest as their primary goal. Being open, honest and relaxed I find is very helpful when building report with patients and all team members involved.

I am constantly learning new things in the ER but I do have areas where I need work. Time management is an area that I struggle with at times. I believe I can prioritize well but I can always do better. Another area I can grow and learn from is making decisions before I have all the information. This question made me think about how I assume what a patients diagnosis is. I make decisions quick but I know that there are times when I need to have more information and facts to be confident in the plan of care. I try my best to build trusting relationships with my patients the moment I introduce myself. I can become frustrated at times with a noncompliant patient and I remind myself not to let my emotions interfere with their care.

This is a time where I make sure my body language and tone of my voice are appropriate at the bedside. I have learned so much in the clinical world of nursing but the foundation of it all was in nursing school. I make most of my decisions based on clinical experience but always remember the basics and root of where it came from. I should remind myself of this more because not all patients are the same. This self-report has opened my eyes to how I am in the workplace, treat my patients and colleges and how make decisions. I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know by answering the questions truthfully.

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