Self Reflective Journal Essay

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Self Reflective Journal

Expand the boxes to accommodate your answers, but not more than 2 pages in total for this journal. Note there are no correct answers. Please aim to be as forthright as possible in your responses.

1. Do you feel the final group submission was an improvement over your individual draft report? Explain your answer. The final group submission is definitely an improvement over my individual draft. Because the draft is just a general idea about our assignment without any further explanation in detail. Our final submission has gathered all the ideas from our group and all our group members have contributed to polish every part of our assessment.

2.What do you think you brought to the group that was unique? That is, what were your strengths in the group? I am mainly responsible for the mean variance approach and listed the steps for completing this part. I have also searched for data and contributed ideas about how to do the assessment well. Our group cannot finish all parts of assessment without me. I think my strengths in our group is that I have a clear clue about what steps should we follow to complete our task.

3. What personal weaknesses did working in the group highlight? My excel skill is not good enough for the assessment and the graphing part is mainly completed by my group member. But after I realized my weakness, I asked help from my group members and now my excel skill is greatly improved and able to do the graph for the assessment.

4. Was there any conflict over what to include in the final group submission and how did the group resolve it. We have conflict in determining wether we should use bank-accepted bill or 10 years government bond to be the risk free rate for our assignment. We resolved this conflict by checking out the online journals and the textbook. In the textbook, we found that compared to BAB, government bond is more risky due to its inflation risk and interest rate risk. Hence the rate of BAB is used for calculation.

5. Do you feel everyone contributed equally to the final group submission and how did the group attempt to resolve any inequities (please do not name individuals in your answer). I feel everyone contributed equally to the final group submission. We resolved our inequities by texting and emailing each other

Do you have any comments or suggestions for how we could improve the group-work experience of future students (We would like to hear how to improve your team experience?) I believe the group-work experience might be improved by letting the group members to submit the group assignment draft rather than the individual draft prior to the final submission. This is likely to increase the frequency of group meeting.

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