Self-reflection on IIC Essay

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Self-reflection on IIC

After this 1 month course, I have learnt a lot of knowledge about Intra-personal competences. This course is very interesting than other course as there are lots of psychological tests for us to play and though the process, we understand more about ourselves.

This course is not very difficult as it is just a lesson which teach you something about emotion and happiness, communication skills, how to build up a positive relationship and communication in family etc. This is very useful in the daily life. For example, the emotions, I think that it is useful for me as I have double personality. I always can’t control my emotion at my home such as if there is anything make me angry or dissatisfied, I will lose my temper and scold without end but I can control my emotion very well in outside.

This is because I know that my parents must forgive me and they are the people who understand me most in the world. But after this course, I told to myself: it is time to change. I need to improve my personality especially in front of my parents. I need to learn to calm down before I lose my temper, maybe I need to have several deep breathe or drink a cup of cold water. I don’t want to perform the bad attitude to my parents anymore. So the following two topics: building positive relationship and communication in family are suitable to express in my example too.

I just said that I don’t want to perform the bad attitude to my parents anymore so I want to keep a positive relationship with them. The most important factor to maintain a good relation is enough communication. Maybe during or after the dinner time, both of us can exchange the recent situation with each other or go out for family day which can improve the relationship.

So I am happy that I can try to correct my weak point after this course. Thank you very much!

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