Self reflection Essay

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Self reflection

First of all, while doing this assignment, I’ve obtained so much knowledge about the topic I’ve been given, which is AIDS and HIV. I now know the challenges connected with facing societal customs and that posed by the impact of AIDS and HIV. I had developed more openness towards reflecting critically on my values in relation with death of parents to children and also to take into consideration the way to react towards those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

But most of all, I feel very sad and disappointing for what’s happening out there regarding to AIDS and HIV. While doing this assignment, I see that so little is being done with the funding of AIDS and HIV. People are being looked over for prices and money. Especially in those poor countries, because they are born poor, they have to give up their prides, values and dignities for money, and thus, they got infected to a deathly disease. And because they are poor, they are not provided with the equivalent therapies. As for the children who were born with AIDS, it’s not like they choose to be born with it. Why is that for most AIDS orphans, their future are bleak and short? Their lives could be saved, or at least prolonged indefinitely by anti-retrovirals.

But unfortunately, the drugs are too expensive for orphanages to afford, the same goes to the poor. This is outrageously sad. The government should do better with this, but I can’t be the only person speaking on it. More people have to stand up and say that something has to be done. More have to come forth and show their support for cures. It was sad to read some of the things I read and saw, but one day all this will soon go to someone’s heart causing them to either do something or make better choices.

As we know, there are no cures for AIDS and HIV, many are trying to change and it’s just still not enough. Moreover, small changes start with us and the people around us. Practice safe sex, don’t do drugs or abstain from it completely. It’s not just about getting rid of this disease, it is also about keeping ourselves and the future of our generations safe. There is no time or finances to keep this epidemic still going. We need to stop it and make our world a better and disease free place.

It is not a happy story, but I believe it contains seeds of hope.

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