Self-Reflection and the Usefulness of the HCS and MHLC Scale

In the first Chapter Assignment, I printed out the Health Consciousness Scale (HCS); and the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scale (MHLC). Throughout both scales, I made my decisions carefully for my answers. I favored the MHLC, as the questions had broad statements, which helped me guide my answers. First, I will talk about the Health Consciousness Scale. On the scoring of the Health Self Consciousness (1), the possible range is 3-21 and I received a 16. I believe this score is accurate due to the statements regarding my attentiveness to my health.

In my opinion, I do reflect on my health most of the time and usually stay attentive, because I always want to find ways I can better myself. On the Health Involvement subscale (2), the range was 2-14, and the score I received was an 8. I think the reason it was lower, was because of the statement on number four. It states, “I’m constantly examining my health.” I do not agree with this statement at all, because in my opinion, there is more to do with one’s life instead of constantly worrying about health.

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I used to have a bad habit where I would look in the mirror hourly, wondering how I can look better.

That led to many hours of worrying until I got professional help. On subscale (3), which was Health Self-Monitoring, I received an 11. This subscale is accurate, as I am usually alert of any changes to myself throughout the day and myself in general. The last subscale (4) was Health Alertness, and I received a score of 11.

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This is an accurate statement because I ask myself how I feel daily and put it in a book. Also, I can tell when my blood sugar drops and spikes, so I am generally pleased with the detection of how I feel throughout the day. The second assessment scale I did was the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control (MHLC) scale. Like I said in the beginning introduction, I preferred this scale, as it provided 18 entries (ability to determine my health awareness/locus), instead of 9. Unlike the HCS, there were only 3 subscales, and more questions, which gives us a broader range.

All the ranges went from 6-36. For the internal (1) subscale, I received a 29. I am surprised I received a high number, but I claim it to be accurate. Internal health is important because it is one’s depiction of how their health is going. So, for the statements that state “it is my behavior”, or “I am in control of my health” it is my interpretation of health on how I feel on the inside. For subscale (2) it was a representation of Chance. I received a 19 as the score. I think the reason it is in the middle, is because I believe things happen for a reason. For example, number 2 states “No matter what I do, if I am going to get sick, I will get sick.” The way this sentence is worded is tricky, but I thought about it this way: if I was going to suffer an incurable internal disease, no matter what I did leading up to that moment, I probably couldn’t have prevented it. Things happen for a reason and no matter what, that “thing” is still going to get to you one way or another. For the last subscale (3) it was “Powerful Others” I received a 14.

I think I scored lower was because although “Powerful Others”, like Doctors or Pediatricians can help us feel better, we should not always have to rely on them for the greater good. Sometimes we need to evaluate our own health because overall it is our body, and we know it better than anyone else. In the end, I enjoyed doing the two scales, and it made me figure out more about myself. As I stated, I did enjoy the MHLC scale, because it had more options that could determine one’s standing. But overall, I don’t believe these two tests can determine things like Health Status, or fortune. My self-perceived concern for my health remains the same, is semi well-reflected by the two tests, and is predictive of my health habits.

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