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Self Praise Essay

I am Fifi Azmi, student of Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Mara University of Technology Malaysia. I was attended this course since June 2010 and will end my studies on April 2013. Through this third years of studies in this field, my passion and enthusiasm to succeed in this course are highly prove in my good results which pass with flying colours. I was also an active student, who is participated almost in all activities that were held by my association like camping, be one of the volleyball participants during our sports day, person in charge for our association dinner and etc.

Pursuing Quantity Surveying has always been a target of mine, my passion on its intrigue increased tremendously throughout my Diploma years and pursuing it at this stage, is a necessity I deem highly important in my journey of being a Registered Quantity Surveyor. Studying abroad in an esteemed institution combined with the expertise of highly experienced academicians would help incredibly in shaping my work path and intended career. My examination results speak for how diligent and hardworking I am. My CGPA stands at 3. 50 and I have been on the Dean’s List 3 times throughout my study.

I was never missing to get A for every semester in my core subject which is Measurement of Construction Works. I have experiences in handling Quantity Surveying softwares like Buildsoft, Cost X and Auto CAD in churning out measurements and Bills of Quantities. Besides, the leadership attitudes embedded within me is one of my principal to success in my future career. My passion above all things, are directed in achieving the best out of the opportunity given in my desired field. My reasons on wanting to be a Quantity Surveyor are varied.

Its course of study have been so far interesting and thought provoking, shedding light on appreciation of the costing, economic buildability, procurement and contractual relations of the construction process- essentially an insider’s view to construction. I love how it helps develop my attention to details and skills of accuracy and accountability in order to deliver projects while working with the aspirations of clients and other construction professionals. In addition to that, I also get a detailed understanding of the delivery process as well as the social and economic context of building production.

My days interning with a local firm were gripping and fast-paced, fresh challenges were delivered daily, keeping me refreshed and on my toes always. During this internship period, I did a lot of Quantity Surveyor’s works from preliminary estimation, preparing tender documents, preparing the tender evaluation and tender report, attending site meetings alongside senior staffs, did the measurement of building works as well as a handful of infra works. The academic course and work pushed me to always stay ahead of the game, predicting outcomes and impacts of my costing with my clients’ interest placed first.

The United Kingdom is well ahead in construction technologies and advancements, its myriad of iconic buildings stand as proof to this testament. An opportunity to be a part of such booming industry will put me well ahead and prepared in contributing to my nation. The knowledge gained from a country like United Kingdom, is indispensable and valuable especially to a young and eager student like me. I believe my strong drive and passion fused with my skills make me an ideal candidate for this course.

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