Self managed teams Essay

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Self managed teams

Using self-managed teams within the Sandwich Blitz company would help the company grow. This will also allow Dalman to have more time to concentrate on the expansion as well. Self-managed teams empower employees most often in manufacturing, workers are trained to do all most of the jobs in the unit, they have no immediate supervisor, and they make decisions previously made by the first-line supervisors (Bateman & Snell, 2012).

Self-managed teams can offer several possible advantages that could be used at Sandwich Blitz; including stronger commitment, employee and customer fulfilment, improved quality, improved productivity, and faster product and service development. On the other hand there will be some drawbacks. Self-managed teams are tough to execute, and failure is a risk when used in an unsuitable situations, or lacking appropriate leadership. A number of organizations have been dissatisfied with the results from self-managing teams.

In the case of Sandwich Blitz, self-management teams may work to a sure extent, for example, having the team members cross-trained to do various jobs. This will enhance the flexibility of the team in dealing with staff shortages and in addition to help out with Dalman having to help fix every problem managers have. Thus applying Dalman and Lei’s knowledge of work procedures with the teams would help the team members to find a solution to problems and build improvements. It will also help decrease any absences that maybe have occurred in the past which would help free up some of Dalman and Lei’s time.

Nonetheless, Dalman would need to choose team members he feels secure enough with the size of issues that would need to be handled, and continued presence of the team. As said above, self-managed teams can be hard to put into effect, and Dalman needs to carefully think it through, as well as, being ready to devote some of his time into creating the team and then removing himself once he feels confident with the team. By creating the self-managed teams within sandwich blitz managers will be able to participate and contribute to productivity.

This will alter the distribution of the workload for Dalman. It also allows the managers to feel empowered as power, authority, and responsibility is re-distributed amongst the team. This eventually is beneficial to the company as the people closest to the customer; for example the location managers, have the decision making power and which ultimately effects the outcome.


Bateman & Snell 3rd Edition 2012 Introduction to Management

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