Self-Introduction Speech Assignment Essay

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Self-Introduction Speech Assignment

1. Objective

A. Specific Purpose – To introduce audience about my culture/ experiences of Mountaineering. B. Central Idea – How Mountaineering’s is limiting, benefitting, and accepted in society.

2. Introduction

C. In this day and age, we survive in haste- trying to adapt to an ever-changing, dynamic, and intermingled digital culture. Do we take notice of the deprivation-in our lives-of authentic human experiences with the natural world? D. For some of us who do, the gap between us and the natural world is expanding and expanding fast. E. AGD: I have something for us to get in touch with nature and to calm things down.

3. Thesis

F. Specific Purpose: Today I will be discussing my culture of “Mountaineering” in the jungle of Malaysia.

4. Preview statement

G. Central Idea: I will enlighten you with the limitations, the benefits and the stereotypes of this recreational activity. ————————————————————————————————————————————- Transliteration: Let’s start with limitations.


5. Body
A. Limits: They are various limitations when putting ourselves in the wilderness. a. The main concern regarding the tropical forest is that it is filled with wild hungry, venomous, and even protective yet deadly creatures (Tigers, baboons, snakes, and creepy crawlies are everywhere). b. The trees and the vegetations are tall, dense and thorny. That your body is sure get cuts here and there. It’s also, so easy to get disoriented and lost. c. The terrain can be challenging and intimidating. One time you’re cruising on a downhill slope, next corner-a 90 degree steep wall of rock may be your only way to get up- and so you climb without proper equipments. (equipments are expensive in Malaysia, we tree climbing is our childhood games)

Transliteration: Sounds daunting and all but the full satisfaction come silently in when you realize-later in the future-a change in your paradigm, which is beneficial in the long run. ——————————————————————————————————————————–
B. Benefits: How exactly would benefit you?

d. Putting ourselves in an environment unusual with scarce circumstances, builds physical and metal endurance-teaching us to be discipline. The hardship teaches us to reach small goals before reaching to the top. It trains us to push the distance. e. We don’t do it alone of course, we do it with friends. We also benefit by strengthening friendship when overcoming the test of patience and compassion towards one another. Because “I need you and you need me” in such situations. f. From there we achieve sweetness of memories when reflecting upon obstacles we endured. g. Of course, the best prize is seeing and experiencing nature’s awe from he highest point of view while knowing we achieved a certain level of endurance during many days of climb/ hike/ what not. h. Taking time to contemplate/ meditate. Really, the goal is to change or republish our paradigm. ————————————————————————————————————————– Transliteration: Moving to stereotypes.

————————————————————————————————————————– C. Stereotypes: Some group of people, view us slant. Nobody can run away from stereotypes.

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