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Self-Evaluation Essay

The difficulty with most timed writings is that most people feel they don’t have the time to get their thoughts in order. In a short period of time one has to develop an outline, and a thesis, or main idea before the writing begins. If the essay is to be productive, one needs to have some idea where one is heading with the essay. Although it may only take a few minutes to organize your thoughts, you still have to remember the clock is ticking. Timed writings are going to continue to be a part of my academic reality, so learning to deal with them comfortably is important. This self-evaluation portfolio introduces my timed essays and different writing styles. In PE1 there were several questions that needed to be addressed, but overall the essay evaluated why dishonesty and fraud are serious problems within the scientific and medical communities? In PE2 I had to evaluate a statement in regards to scientific discovery. There are several reasons why both essays needed self-evaluation, and one reason was to look at my areas of strength.

My area of strength in PE1 is having an understanding of the topic presented. For example, in the introductory paragraph I provide a definition of scientific research, and its benefits and what will happen if scientific fraud continues. I feel this introduction is strong, because it provides the reader with all the information he or she will need to get a basic understanding of the topic without becoming lost. In addition, throughout the essay I provided thoughtful responses to each question, thus showing the reader that I have some basic knowledge of the topic, and that I’m not trying to wing my way through the essay. For example, in paragraph four when I quote the readings, I then provided support with several follow up statements. In PE2 like the pervious essay mentioned, my area of strength is a solid understanding of the topic. Unlike PE1, the writing process for PE2 differed, I was not provided with any resource material regarding scientific discovery, therefore each topic I presented in my paper had to be based on more than common knowledge.

For example, one question of the two-part essay was to evaluate “what I know about past and present pursuit of scientific discovery.” Paragraph three and four provide perfect examples. Experimental therapies and Stem cell research are not common knowledge and these issues provide excellent examples of my solid understanding of the topic, thus making the essay strong. In conclusion, timed writings are a continuous part of academic reality. The difficulty with most timed writings is time management. In a short period of time one has to develop a well-written essay. Although it may only take a few minutes to organize your thoughts, you will still have to remember the clock is ticking. The significance of doing a self-evaluation essay is to make myself aware of certain content a timed essay may require to be considered well written. Although, this self-evaluation portfolio only introduced my different writing styles and areas of strength, having that awareness will help me to improve my writing skills.

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