Self Evaluation Essay

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Self Evaluation

I was quite confident about my writing style and had the impression that I am competent enough. But when more than one of my projects got remarks like ‘improve your writing skill’ and ‘work hard on your writing style’, I was shocked and was unable to look for my faults. I had to discuss with one of my teachers who explained that I was using parallelism in my writing style, which was quite boring and repetitive. Then I noticed that I was using some of the words quite a lot of time and they were even repeated quite a lot of times in one single sentence.

When I read my story I found that lots of characters were created which either confused the reader or left them bewildered. I had to really work hard so that I make my essays or stories interesting for the reader. While analyzing my early essays I found that most of the time I got diverted from the main stream of discussion and wasted my pages on not so important issues. I now understand it was because I need to draw on outline of my essay before finally writing it. I should deal the objectives and organize them according to the preferences required hile writing it.

Repetitive use of words or phrases spoils the charm of writing and fails to make story interesting. Even if the plot is good and organized, it needs to be appealing so that the reader finds it out of the ordinary. I had the idea that repetitive use of words and phrases add weight to your work but it is not in essays or stories. It gives the impression that the writer is using same words just because he is lacking original ideas for the story. This gives a bad impression and cuts your marks eventually. I was always against plagiarism and had the idea that it is just copying word by word of some other writer’s work.

But even if you use some facts by changing few words with their synonyms is also categorized under plagiarism. It was quite difficult to understand this issue but I will have to work on it so that my essays are not remarked as ‘plagiarized’. I use sources from Internet or some times related books to research on any matter. I have written different essays on numerous subjects and all I was able to find on Internet. I researched and then collected the matter, read and organized them and wrote iving my opinion on the issue.

I have been getting experienced in different types of essays dealing personal as well as public issues. I worked on various writing styles like MLA format, APA format, Chicago style and many more. Initially these were quite new for me but as I worked cautiously and followed the instructions it has become quite easy for me now. To mesmerize the reader it is important to maintain the charm of your topic and suspense of the story till its end. For a good writer it is important that the reader has lots of quarries hile reading the story so that he is not in a position to leave reading it until he ends it.

It is an ongoing process and one needs to improve a lot to become a good writer. Lots of practice and a good guidance will help you improve your writing skills. When I was first pointed out with my mistakes I thought I would never be able to improve these things as they come in flow of my natural way of writing. But I was wrong because during the course I was not only able to get rid of my drawbacks but also improved and made my writing style interesting from the point of view of readers.

Now this is the most important thing for a writer and he/she can get rewards only when his work gets appreciated by his/her readers. There are lots of things to be taken in to consideration when you research on writing skills and you will feel that you need to learn quite a lot of stuff on the art of writing. It is actually a vast area and there are things that are required to learn and some areas get developed with your experience too. I found that the areas, which used to involve me for hours while writing an essay is now engaging me for remarkably less time.

These all happened because of correct learning procedure and practice also. As far as parallelism is considered it is not completely useless but you will find it very useful while writing employment documents. Here you need to put stress on some person or his qualities and it is effective only when you repeat words and phrases. So avoiding parallel style of writing entirely is not right. There are times when you need to echo some facts and there you will need this style along with balance and rhythm so that you are able to convey your actual meaning and intention.

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