Self Evaluation Essay

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Self Evaluation

I believe that self evaluation is a very important factor that can show you or to the English mediator the level o performance of a medical student in the first or 2nd year ,and this can have advantages and disadvantages because each and every student has a potential in writing reading or listening to English.

First of all, for example in the first semester we did a lot of communication during the English classes debating the Dax Cowart case and other interactional classes, but not all the students participated at a constant level each class. Many of them didn’t reached their potential at this oral debates because they are shy or they didn’t want to attract attention from the students, But in opposition with American classes were all the students are free to express their ideas and concerns.

Second of all I find it very interesting the way our English classes managed to attract our attention in a very good way even though not all of us were fully within the lessons but we tried our best scoring a lot of yellow cards for bonus and encouraging ideas. This system is very appreciated in England and has a lot of success now in Europe. In this way you can evaluate the creativity the ideas and how well are them structured and explained in a way to impress the mediator.

From my point of view I think that a very good way to evaluate a person is to make him show the potential that he has In order to open the Pandora’s box. Every method must be tried and I think that your methods were very good indeed and you are doing a perfect job in each and every aspect of your job. Those exercises with the pictures showed in front of the class were very good and imaginative, or placing in the right order the small sized fragments of the text ,or even when we had to write our thoughts in the dreams wall. These were very interesting and in the same time very useful for us.

In conclusion self evaluation is very important for the English mediator and the students because you can reach the top by being evaluated correctly including all the aspects on knowing medical English. Here at our English class I believe that our knowledge was fully recognized and marked with very good grades in the first semester being appreciated for our efforts. The atmosphere was great we all participated in a high number in all the classes making English class a way to relax to express your feelings and to make a family along the students. We relaxed from our anatomy and biochemistry classes and we were concentrated to more active and interesting debates from English.

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