Self-Employed Women’s Association Essay

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Self-Employed Women’s Association

Population inflation has become a constant problem and a developing conflict for all the nations in the world especially those with such little total land gross area. Urbanization and Population growth seems to coincide because both of it has become growing concerns of the world today. Though Urbanization has the more positive side of it, there are still some who oppose this ideology. Regarding population growth, it has become one aspect of the global community that indicates such a threatening reality.

The people are multiplying by the minute but the resources that keep the people alive has become more scarce through the years. The scarcity of resources to satisfy population has become blatantly damaging. The growth rate around the world is increasing every year and as seen in the world’s most populous countries such as China, India, USA, the population has been inflating due to birth and fertility rate. Answering to the problems caused by overpopulation, urbanization solutions has become one arguably reliable remedy.

There are four examples of cases where a positive output was produced and was recognized in the 1996 Dubai Awards. These are the Institutionalizing of Community-Based Development in Abidjan, another was the action by the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) Bank, another was the City Management in Tilburg ranging from the past, present and the future, these are samples of overcoming the challenges of population and urbanization. Urbanization can produce both negative and positive effects on communities, depending on how the leaders of these communities take advantage of it.

There are possible environmental problems due to urbanization but there are also environmental benefits due to urbanization. It’s like a give and take relationship for population and urbanization, the importance of how the population should be treated must coincide positively with how urbanization should be handled properly to reap benefits for the population. REFERENCES http://www. unesco. org/most/africa17. htm http://www. unesco. org/most/asia1. htm http://www. unesco. org/most/africa3. htm http://www. unesco. org/most/westeu14. htm http://www. unesco. org/most/usa1. htm http://www. unesco. org/most/southam1. htm.

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