Self Assessment Essay

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Self Assessment

“The greatest success is successful self-acceptance” (Ben Sweet). I am a twenty-seven year old single mother to a two-year-old healthy boy. I was born in Monterey Park, California and raised in the city of El Monte. Growing up, my parents always kept me busy. I danced and performed “La Quebradita” a Mexican dance and played soccer since the age of six. I attended Nativity Catholic School then graduated from El Monte High School with a GPA of 3. 78. I was involved with student government, sports such as volleyball, soccer, and softball, and received a couple of scholarships upon graduating.

I received my Associates Degree from East Los Angeles College in 2008 where I continued my soccer experience by playing for their women’s soccer team. I am the first sibling in my immediate family to try and pursue a college degree. I grew up with a younger sister and brother who look up to me dearly. My parents taught us to stay by each other’s side so we could take on the world together when times got rough. My mom is an instructional aid while my dad works in the construction industry. My parents worked hard to raise and instill good values and morals for their three children.

Five of my greatest strengths, which I have acquired throughout the years, are harmony, consistency, significance, discipline, and responsibility. Regardless of my strengths and accomplishments, my greatest challenge in life is successful self-acceptance. I am always pushing myself to do my best to satisfy others rather than myself. I cannot accept myself if others do not approve. Slowly, I am realizing it is impossible to make the whole world happy if I am not truly happy. I am learning to take time for myself and follow through with tasks that make me feel skilled.

Furthermore, the best word that describes me is generous. I am an individual who puts others’ needs before my own. For example, if I am driving and stop to buy food, regardless of how hungry I may be, I will kindly give my food away if I see someone who might need it more than I do. I enjoy assisting people without expecting a reward in return. A good deed is a reward within itself. It makes me feel content about my character. In fact, you will never know if one day it will be your turn on the other side of a bad situation. Time is priceless.

Many people get caught up in their daily routines and forget about the little things that at one time had a significant amount of importance in their lives. I try to set up my days to make time for family, old friends, new friends, and everything else in between. Keeping open connections with many people can save your life one day. Therefore, there is no such thing as being too generous. You give of yourself what you can, when you can, and however you can in the best way possible. On the other hand, my generosity sometimes gets in the way of the important issues I might have to resolve in a day.

There are a few challenges I will have to work at during this program. For instance, learning how to prioritize and stay on task in order to be able to be successful. Particularly, when studying and completing homework is at stake. In fact, I am trying to establish a routine for myself to allow a couple of hours per day on homework so it will not be over whelming. Another challenge I have to work on is my time management skills. Due to my motivation to give my son a better life, I need to learn how to balance my time with my son, schoolwork, and job.

On the whole, I want to succeed in raising my son and continue to give him the attention and love he depends upon, finishing my school work so it can be acceptable at the university level, and be well rested to be able to function properly during my job hours. In addition, I would like my professor to know that I am not only motivated but can also be intimidated by the events going on in my life. I am motivated to show people who gave up on me along the way my capabilities as well as for myself. I am determined to finish this cohort with a minimum of a “B” grade average.

However, I am not perfect and there will be times when I oversee an assignment or be overwhelmed. I will do my best to stay on task at all times but in case if I slack off I may need a reminder as to why I am putting in all this effort into obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree. As well as completing my Bachelor’s Degree, I am in the Liberal Studies program because I have a passion for working with children. I believe the early years of a child’s life will determine their future; therefore I want to make their time in school an amazing one they can carry on. I appreciate a child’s laugh, take in a child’s fear, and comfort when it is needed.

Young children are always absorbing situations around them. I want to be an honorable role model and learn to be a good communicator. I feel I can learn these concepts by majoring in Liberal Studies. Upon my graduation, my goals are to continue in the field of education. I plan to enroll in the Moderate to Severe Credential program for children with autism. This field requires patience and compassion, which I believe I possess. Next, I am aiming towards my Masters in Education and finally my Administrative credential. I believe with the help of this excellent school, I can achieve my goals in furthering my education.

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