Self actualization and extraversion

Personality is extensive and organized group of characteristics that an individual has, that uniquely determine his motivation, habits and dislikes in different situations. Personality is from the word persona in Latin, which refers to a mask. In theatre, a mask is used to portray some character and hence the meaning of personality is derived. Normothetic Psychology defines rules applied to various individuals, like self actualization and extraversion.

Idiographic Psychology defines the uniqueness of a person. How understanding personality impacts your view of self and others: Humanistic theories; in psychology people have freedom of choice and this determines their behavior.

By using subjective experiences, someone’s behavior is determined. By knowing your personality, you are able to determine how you behave under different circumstances/conditions assuming that a particular event occurred.

Self-actualizing individuals; these are people who strive to make themselves happy, by doing all what it takes to achieve their goals. One is therefore able to determine whether he is a winner or a loser.

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Winners want associate with other winners in the society, while losers may not find it easy to socialize with other society members because they are viewed as negative people. Social groups are therefore based on people with similarities, for mutual benefit.

Democratic individuals; these are people who listen to views from different from people and do not engage in acts that are offensive. They will therefore view themselves as individuals that are ready to interact with others and experience their way of thinking. They will also view other people from different backgrounds, religions and races as friends.

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Problem centered people; these are people who care about problems surrounding them. They look at themselves as reality based people and want to solve problems with others.

They believe in ‘united we stand, divided we fall” and will view everyone else as relevant, so that mutual goals can be achieved. In psychology, understanding ones personality can be through projective and objective tests and it helps in making an individual know himself/herself better so that he/she can mutually co-exist with others in the society. (PERVIN,CERVONE, & JOHN. 2005 p. 13-47) Reference: PERVIN, L. A. , CERVONE, D. , & JOHN, O. P. (2005) PERSONALITY. N J: Wiley Publishers.

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Self actualization and extraversion

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