Application form is a form that fills in by the applicant when applying for a job. This is a basic procedure for the organization to recruit or select employees. Both IT project manager and telemarketing executive are suit for this application form in selection method. For the selection method, application form is easier and fast for the organization to scan the information of applicants and make comparisons. Inside the application form there are included some basic personal information, what are the position the applicant want to apply, education and work experience.

In addition, the company can reduces the resources like time, and manpower that use in interview and other selection tests because the same form can use for future vacancies. Application form can be online or in written form. In written form the organization can determine the candidate’s language, spelling and grammar and in online form there is no risk for get lost in the post and this is private information not everyone have entitled to see.

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Interview is a conversation between interviewer and interviewee to explore applicants’ background and obtain the information about personal feeling, opinions, and perception.

Interview is a most suitable selection method for telemarketing executive because interviewer can know whether the applicant have communication skills and able to persuade other people by asking some questions. Since this is direct communicates so it can produce a higher response rate and those who is not well in writing also capable to answer. Besides that, interviewer also can obtain supplementary information used to appraise applicants’ verbal fluency and through this interview the interviewer will know that the interviewee has well communication skills or not.

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Other than that, interview also can assess the applicant’s job knowledge. For example, interviewer may ask some question to know the applicant expect in the job that he or she apply.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests is a standardized test designed to determine what kind of job they are suit for and discover an individual’s potential abilities and talents. Aptitude test is a best selection method for IT project managers because the employer can set the relevant questions to them such as how to manage appropriate resources needed .

In this test the organization can improve the quality of hiring and promoting because the company will hiring the right person and determine the ability or skills they have. Besides that, reputable test are standardized also can found in the aptitude test. Since with standardized so the tests are valid, reliable and can be assured this is a fair process with challenged at the same point and everyone are provided equal opportunity employment. Furthermore, aptitude test is easy and cost-effective to deliver because many original “pencil and paper” tests now are scored by computers.

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