Select At Least Four Bilingual Programs Essay

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Select At Least Four Bilingual Programs

Select at least four bilingual programs and describe the type of student that would benefit most from each type of bilingual program. What are the student characteristics that make them amenable to a specific type of bilingual program? Early-exit transitional bilingual education is to develop English skills without delaying learning. They are students with same language background and to transition them to English as rapidly as possible usually between 2-3 years. It is to build competency in oral and written academic English. (Linguanti, R. 2009). Late-exit transitional bilingual education the learner will be given partial instruction in English and partial instruction in their native language. These students will remain in this classroom format for a longer time span. This instruction gives a gradual process of both languages being spoken with different instructions. Students remain in this program until elementary school is completed (Linguanti, R. 2009). Integrated transitional bilingual education these programs are designed for schools that have a population of ELL that speak the identical native language.

This will help bring together comprehension of the native language and build confidence while absorption of the first two domains of listening and speaking occur. Languages move together and an understanding grows which assists students into a mainstream situation (Linguanti, R. 2009). Dual-language of two way immersion format this type of program will immerse together the students who speak English or English as a second language so that both languages are absorbed. Also, this may include Native- American languages like Navajo. These students may be referred to as ESL or English Language Development or ELD. The main goal of this group of student is to become completely bilingual (Linguanti, R. 2009). I have a student that came from India she is seventeen she can speak some English, but has issues with pronouncing words correctly. She understands some English and can write it she would be a late-exit transitional bilingual. Linguanti, R. (2009), Fostering academic success for English Language Learners, what do we know?

Retrieved from Foster_Academic-sucess-092309 pdf. Surja, R. C. (2011), How to Teach and reach English language Learners: Practical strategies to ensure success, San Francisco, CA, Jossey-Bass

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