Segregation and discrimination Essay

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Segregation and discrimination

Prior to 1960’s, segregation and discrimination against blacks by the whites was profound in America. The white Americans had more power and thus dominated over the black Americans. However, civil rights under new legislation were enacted and the black Americans started to enjoy the freedom they had never experienced before. According to Steele, the consequent acts of separation between the white and black as a result of power, social status, sex and race forms a new segregation.

This is evidenced in learning institutions where students have to attend segregated schools (Steele, 1992). Additionally, new segregation is also experienced in the colleges and the universities whereby they offer separate degree-granting program in women’s studies. The grievance identities also demand separate buildings, classrooms, offices and clerical staffrooms. Everybody wants sovereign territory and the society at large must pay honor to their sovereignty.

The government should take up its responsibility of enacting civil rights legislation that is aimed at breaking the issue of race and power that results to segregation. In the universities, there should be no segregated programs for women instead they should be incorporated in the other regular departments such as English department and history department. Both the white and black college and university administrators should encourage admission of students of any kind of race.

Black students do not require separate dorms and books; all what is important to them is basic academic skills and knowledge. All students, black and white, male and female should be taught about broad and varied cultures. In order to eliminate this new segregation that is practiced in university and in the society at large, a common culture and history should be shared based on the spirit of civil rights movement which evidenced that all men were created equal and united. References Steele, S. (1992). The New Segregation. Race in America, pg. 509

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