Seek feedback Essay

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Seek feedback

Seek feedback from people that you know about a task that you regularly carry out. This might be a task that you carry out at work. If so, you should seek feedback from employees, clients and colleagues. Alternately, this might be a task you carry out in your day-to-day life, such as driving a car or making dinner. If so you should seek feedback from friends and family members. How would you ensure that the feedback you receive is useful? How would you use this feedback to identify and develop ways to improve competence in the task you have selected?

I have recently been learning to drive a manual car and have been getting lots of feedback from my instructor each lesson I have. While I already no how to drive automatic my focus is mainly based on driving the actual car itself. The feedback I receive is always positive on weather it is something I have done well or need to work on.

They include:

•1st gear – I need to practice taking off in first gear as I tend to stall a lot, I can do this by feeling the point of which the clutch grabs and the car starts moving without acceleration. At this point I can then slowly accelerate and release the clutch simultaneously
•Clutch – again feeling the point of which the clutch grabs.
•Gear transitions – I need to work on smoother gear transitions whilst in movement. This is done with practice, watching revs and taking my time.
•Stopping – working on coming to a stop by using my engine, this is done by knowing what limits a certain gear has and when I can drop back without revving the car to high as this could cause damage.
•Changing gear while turning a corner – this is difficult at first as you are trying to not only steer but also change gears with the other hand. Also just takes practice.
•Reversing – I have the same problem here as in first gear as I am just dong the opposite. Just need to know where the point of grab is in my clutch.

By continuing to have lessons and perhaps finding a family friend to teach me also, with enough practice I should be able to master the task of learning to drive a manual with ease.

I can insure that the feedback I receive is useful by :

•Asking for specific examples, rather then generalisations.
•Ask for explanations on their feedback they have given.
•Ask for information on specific situations.

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