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Security Systems Cis 105 Essay

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The two available security systems that provide total network protection, also known as all in one computer systems that I have chosen to research are Norton 360 as well as McAfee Internet Security, they are both very popular. I have had Norton 360 on my computer every since I can remember, my parents have always used this as well, it’s a product that we pay for once a year in order to stay updated and protected. Norton has parental control features that are great if you have children in the home that use the computer and you want to protect the from things such as internet predators.

The products anti virus part is able to block things such as Trojan horses, worms, spyware and so much more, any website that you visit will be scanned for things that seem to be suspect or harmful to your computer. Norton 360 protects us from identity theft while using online backing or shopping online or even paying bills online .

I like the fact that Norton 360 has the ability to secure emails and wireless networks, it is also able to be used with Windows xp, 7 , and even vista.

McAfee Internet Security is nothing that I myself have used for personal use but we do use it at my job, this protects you from a variety of different things such as parental control, antivirus, anti-spam and so much more ! It says that in the real world attack test that McAfee was able to block 94.4 percent of attacks which is pretty awesome , although it did let 5.6 percent of attacks go though successfully. The installation process for this software is pretty easy, and it just consists of a clock of a few buttons. I personal like Norton better than McAfee.

Computers will benefit from having security systems like these installed because they will be protected from hackers, viruses, predators (if you have parental controls installed), identity theft and so many other things. If you keep your computer updated with this type of software it will last longer, have less problems and generally run at a good speed for you. Most of these programs will provide alerts to the user that they need updated or are about to update on their own and ask to be granted permission.


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