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Security Objective Components Essay

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The component of the overall security objective that deserves the most attention in the environments mentioned in the article would be the personal security. Churches do not usually have any type of security at all because they are suppose to be a very safe place for a person to go. With churches having absolutely no type of security cameras or security personnel then they are left wide open for any type of attack, whether it be shootings, bombings, arson, vandalism, or even robbery.

If churches were to install security camera to watch the outside grounds then they would be better protected because they could see if any kind of crime was going on, possibly be able to catch the people that committed those crimes, and maybe even prevent some of those people from even trying to commit crimes because they see the cameras. I do not think that security camera would prevent all crimes, but I think that it would help to detour the amount of crimes committed at churches and help to keep the innocent church goers safer while church is in service.

I think that the component that would be less pertinent foe churches during a vulnerability assessment would be the information and paperwork of the church. I feel that if someone is going to go on a shooting rampage or try to set fire to a church that they are not going to be concerned about the information and documents that are within that church. If a person is troubled enough to perform such a heinous act like this then files and documents are going to be the last thing on their mind. If something like this were to happen and the church had security cameras and security personnel, to watch those camera, that they would be able to look for any kind of suspicious activity like this and try to avoid something like this from happening. This would also aid police in catching the person that did this if it were to happen because they would be able to review the security cameras and see exactly what happened. I think that some countermeasures that could be taken, other than security cameras, would be to have a security guard on duty while the church is in service because this is a more likely time for something to happen.

Another thing that could be done is to have the people that work at the church keep an eye on anyone who maybe going through some very hard personal situations just in case they start to present any suspicious or strange behavior. As sad as it is that anything like this could, would, or has happened in or at a church there is not a way to completely, one hundred percent, avoid it. There are security measures that churches can take to aid in keeping the church, its employees, and people that attend that church safe like what I have previously mentioned. Another thing that the church could do would be to contact the local fire department, SWAT team, or bomb squad so that they know exactly what needs to be done if a situation like that ever were to present its self. This way they can keep as many people safe as possible. If a situation or events like what happened at these churches has occurred at malls, I think that the exact same security objectives would be important.

Personal security is going to be the most important thing. At a mall it is likely that there are going to be a lot more people and a significantly larger area to be watched so it would be pertinent to make sure that there is a considerable amount of security cameras to cover all of the necessary areas and enough security personnel to watch those cameras and patrol the mall to look out for anything out of the ordinary. The same countermeasures that applied to the churches, I believe should be applicable for the shopping malls just on a larger scale. The most important thing is still going to be making sure that all of the innocent people and employees are kept as safe as possible.

Another counter measure that a mall could take would be to have after hours security in addition to the day time security, this way they can still monitor for any odd or suspicious behavior because I believe that if someone was going to try something like setting off a bomb or starting a fire then they are going to look for the best possible place to do that and they might try to do that at night. There are many different security objectives that a place of business must take into consideration because there are dangerous people out there and no one can predict what and when something bad will happen.

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