Security Objective Components Essay

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Security Objective Components

If you were to close your eyes and imagine a perfect world were crime was not a problem then that world would exist without any forms of security. Unfortunately we do live in a world where crime does exist and there is a need for different forms of security components or measures to combat those criminal acts or other forms of threats. The article from the text described various instances were violent acts caused people to not feel safe and posed the idea of where can people go if they wanted to feel safe. The overall answer was that people felt that church is the place that everyone could go in order to feel safe because churches are considered a symbol of high moral standards but that is not the case anymore. Churches have since become places where many horrible outcomes have taken place such as shootings, bombings, arson and murders. A police chief said that the safest place in the world he always thought was a church and now that sanctuary has been broken (Clifford, 2004).

The component of the overall security objective that deserves the most attention in the environments mentioned in the article is physical security. The reason why physical security would work for the environments described in the article is that under physical security components include security hardware such as alarms, closed captioned television (CCTV), locks and lighting. Having security officers, policy and procedure manuals in place for the entire security program helps to deter or even prevent threats. Locks and alarms can be used to protect the people and the property while CCTV can act as the eyes and two way intercoms can act as the ears of the system. Also under the physical security program, policy and procedure manuals grant the security professionals authority to perform the necessary security functions correctly (Clifford, 2004).

The component that would be the less pertinent for this particular environment during a vulnerability assessment would be information security. Information security consists of the essential policies and procedures needed to protect important documents integral to maintaining the safety and security of the environment involved (Clifford, 2004). Even though information security usually focuses on single events like website hacking, procuring credit card information or email viruses (Byrne, 2001), for those events in the article it will not be as pertinent because a shooter most likely will not be concerned with any paperwork that is kept in the church for the church.

Some countermeasures in my opinion that will be effective or possible solutions for the shootings, incidences of arson and bombings associated with the physical security component of churches would be to first have security guards at the churches watching for strange or bizarre behavior. Along with having security guards in place, outside surveillance cameras should be used too. Place the cameras at various vulnerable points located around the building with the video feed being funneled into monitors located in the section where the individuals who work the sound system for the church so that the monitors can be monitored at all times.

Another form of physical security that could help churches with threats if professional security guards are unavailable is to have those individuals who are in the role of ushers have some form of security training. Having surveillance cameras, security guard or those with security training and alarms would help deter those who would try to commit crimes such as arson or shootings in the church but bombings would require an around the clock, 24 hour security team monitoring the church to deter those who are interested in planting bombs.

There are several components of the overall security objective that would be more pertinent had a shooting, bombing or incidence of arson occurred at a mall. On December 11, 2012 in the Clackamas Town Center mall in Portland, Oregon a 22 year old gun man opened fire in the mall firing 60 shots from his AR-15 semiautomatic firearm killing two people and wounding another before he committed suicide (FOX 12, 2012). That mall already had in place a no gun policy in the mall unless the individual has a concealed carry permit.

An evacuation plan in cases of emergencies should also be in place to usher mall patrons out of the mall in those situations of a shooting, bombing or fire. Along with the components of a physical security objective plus other components such as having surveillance cameras and more security guards in the mall and posted at the entrance ways to search all incoming bags along with metal detectors at those entrance ways will deter individuals from trying to bring firearms into the mall thus eliminating the risk of those patrons in the mall being harmed by a shooter, bombings or incidences of arson.

Every public place should have some form of security objectives in place to protect people. To be effective these security objective should include a form of physical, personnel and information security along with interdepartmental dependencies when possible. With the threat of terrorist attacks, shootings, bombings and incidences arson, having these security objectives in place will give the security professionals a better way to respond to threats that may arise.

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