Security Issue of Chase Bank

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The focal organization that I chose for this paper is Chase Bank. To begin with, chase bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and creates credits (Blossom, 2007). It also performs lending alongside other activities conducted by a common bank. Due to the development in the technology, there have been so many cases of security when dealing with financial matters, which public issue addressed is security. In this case, as a holder of the Chase debit card, I have fallen a victim of this problem where I end up losing cash in the cause of transactions and on following no trace of such malpractices.

Upon carrying some research, I have realized that I might not be alone who are suffering from this issue, as there have been so many cases of cyber threats to the bank for an extended period now. This issue has been significantly fueled by the fact that there is a date security protection problem from the federal, states and local organization.

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The statistic shows that there are a number of cyber threats that have been facing the governments at large and containing it has become great problems. Some of the threat are pin and password attacked, this is a threat of a personal account being logged in by the wrong person following the fact that the individual tends to know the confidential information like pins and passwords needed to access the account. Hacking attack, this involves unauthorized person getting the details about someone and making use of the information to carry out some activities as if it was the initial owner.

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The federal and state government have had this cases where terrorist and other criminals get confidential information from the internets and use it to attack and cause serious crimes without a trace. This poses a significant problem for all organization as containing the attacked following different developments of the technology is a big problem (Iasiello, 2013).

Stakeholders refer to the beneficiaries of a given organization. For instance, the chase bank stakeholders include the clients, and these are the account holders. These people make deposits in the account with the bank, and hence they have the belief that their money and valuable goods have enough security and that they will not reach the hand of unauthorized people. They thus take the bank as their trustee. The second stakeholder is the employees, and they are the people working in the bank, the teller persons, administration staff the cleaners, and the officers, all this individual interest lie in the security for their job that they need to be provided with to work adequately. The third is the shareholders and investors, and these are the people who have contributed the initial capital to put up the organization. Their primary interest is to maximize their wealth through the activities of the bank. The fourthly, Unions, there are different groups made of the employees some of this unions are meant to ensure the best of their employs as well as the organization. Their primary interest is being listened and their complaints addressed. Fifth the suppliers, this is the individual that give some of the services like supply of some relevant machines like computers in the bank. Their interest is always timely payments. Finally, the government, this is the government agents and agencies that control the banks their interest is to ensure that the bank fulfills all the legal requirements (Rowley, 2011). All these stakeholders have a significant impact on the operation of the organization as their interest has to be met for the best of the organization. Also, they greatly support the bank as they make it grow and continue running.

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