Security Dilemmas in Eurasia Essay

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Security Dilemmas in Eurasia

The bipolarity in the Cold War proves advantageous to the United States because it has gain strategic control of its interests and possesses a strong alliance both in the East and West where it has a strong presence in. The Soviet Union is no longer a force to reckon with, while the United States continues to have a wide political sphere of influence and the best economic relations in most areas of the global divide.

The Cold War was primarily about ideological differences, territorial expansion, and military supremacy but today the issues had shifted to the economic and the political. It is no longer about the balance of power between the Soviet and the US and their respective allies, it is more about the balance of trade and mutual defense. The United States has considerable commercial interests in the Middle East, Asia and South America particularly in crude oil sourcing. China is a major trading partner.

No other country can compare to the total volume of business the United States has in the world market. The United States currently enjoys free trade in all corners of the world. Its economic strength matches its political influence in the global community of nations. The United States imposes economic sanctions and forms military coalitions. Its stature in the world is unmatched even by its European allies. Times have greatly changed the world since the Cold War. The way nations fought and allied with other countries are dramatically altered.

The bipolar Cold War sought to separate friends from foes and maintain distance to avoid all-out confrontation. With the break up of the Soviet Union, the United States was left without strong political opposition and economic restraints in its trade and political partnerships with countries particularly those who used to be allied with the Soviets.


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