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Security Basics Essay

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Hardware firewalls are integrated into the router that sits between a computer and the Internet. They typically use packet filtering, which means they scan packet headers to determine their source, origin, destination addresses and check with the existing user defined rules to make an allow/deny decision. . Speed: Hardware firewalls are tailored for faster response times, so it can handle more traffic loads. Security: A firewall with its own operating system is less prone for attacks. This in turn reduces the security risk and in addition, hardware firewalls have enhanced security controls.

No Interference: Since the hardware firewall is an isolated network component, it can be managed better, and does not load or slowdown other applications. The firewall can be moved, shutdown, or reconfigured with minimal interference to the network.

Fortinet firewall. It’s the most prominent hardware firewall proposed by Gartner technology research group which is widely used for Internet security. The key features of Fortinet hardware firewall are: Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) – The IPS monitors network activities for malicious or unwanted behavior and can react, in real-time, to block or prevent those activities.

AntiVirus/AntiSpyware/AntiMalware – The advanced Antivirus technology ensures real-time protection against a multitude of attacks at the network gateway. Support two types VPN (SSL, Ipsec or Site-to-site) with bi-directional content filtering. Inspects all major protocols like SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, HTTP.

Software firewalls are installed on individual servers. They intercept each connection request and then determine whether the request is valid or not. Software firewall process all requests by using the server resources. Apart from performance limitation, the software firewall has numerous advantages.

While comparing with the hardware firewalls, software firewalls are easier to configure and setup. Through the software firewall, we can restrict some specific application from the Internet. This makes the software firewall more flexible. The software firewall give users complete control on their Internet traffic through a nice user friendly interface that requires little or no knowledge. Linux, CSF (ConfigServer Firewall) provides proven security via the control panels like cPanel, DirectAdmin and Webmin. From there, it’s quite easy to modify configurate files and stop, start and restart the applications. This makes configuring and managing the software firewall very simple. For windows, it’s recommended to stick on with the default windows software firewall because the third party software firewall will make the server overloaded and this leads to poor server performance.

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McAfee, Panda, Norton, AVG, and Kaspersky all provides trail versions for their products. Only Panda, and AGV offer free versions of their software. Trojans horse programs in computing is generally a non-self-replicating type of malware program containing malicious code that, when executed, carries out actions determined by the nature of the Trojan, typically causing loss or theft of data, and possible system harm. This is usually contracted ironically when trying to rid your pc of viruses through online sites which are fakes and in fact introduce you to one. Malicious email attachments are a way for a sender to transmit files to another user via email.

In a similar way to junk mail coming in your door at home, email users regularly receive unsolicited emails from unknown senders. These emails can often contain links to malicious web sites or have attachments containing malicious software. Usually contracted from opening emails from known unknown sources. Drive-by- downloads A drive-by download refers to the unintentional download of a virus or malicious software (malware) onto your computer or mobile device. A drive-by download will usually take advantage of (or “exploit”) a browser, app, or operating system that is out of date and has a security flaw. You get this by visiting websites running malicious codes.

Task 3:

Full Backups are- a complete backup of everything you want back up. Restoration is extremely fast because you’re only backing up one set. Drawback is the backing up process is slow, and requires high storage. Differential Backups look at which files you have changed since your last full backup and then creates copies of all the files different from that one. Faster to create than full backups, restoration is faster than using incremental backup, and not as much storage is required as a full backups. Drawbacks are restoration is slower than a fullback, and creating differential backup is slower than creating an incremental backup. Incremental Backup- creates copies of all the files, or parts of files that have changed since the previous backups of any type. This method is the fastest when creating a backup, and requires the least storage space.

Drawbacks it’s the slowest for restoration because it may require several sets of data to fully restore. Backups should be stored off-site because it’s a secured way of keeping files away from hackers, and potential virus, its always important to check to make sure it still functional. A cold backup site is little more than an appropriately configured space in a building. Everything required to restore service to your users must be procured and delivered to the site before the process of recovery can begin. As you can imagine, the delay going from a cold backup site to full operation can be substantial. There are the least expensive to maintain.

A warm backup site is already stocked with hardware representing a reasonable facsimile of that found in your data center. To restore service, the last backups from your off-site storage facility must be delivered, and bare metal restoration completed, before the real work of recovery can begin. Hot backup sites have a virtual mirror image of your current data center, with all systems configured and waiting only for the last backups of your user data from your off-site storage facility. As you can imagine, a hot backup site can often be brought up to full production in no more than a few hours. Hot backup site are the most expensive approach to disaster recovery.

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The password I choice to use was “Don’t worry about what life brings to you worry about how you’re going to deal with it!”Dwawlbtywahygtdwi24

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