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Security Assessment


Choose one of the Facts for Consideration sections from Ch. 3 of the text and list the page number for the section you chose. Then, complete the following table. List five threats appropriate to the environment from the section you chose. Rate the risk for each threat from 0 (low) to 10 (high). Then, list five appropriate countermeasures. Once you complete the table, write a brief explanation of the countermeasures for the two threats with the highest risk total, stating how the countermeasure reduces the risk associated with that threat.

Transport should be equipped with a thick metal cage surrounding area inmates are in. Inmates should be contained also with shackles on hands and feet. Property damage and or personal harm

All inmates, shackled together or not, need to have shackles anchored to sturdy eyebolts welded into floor to maintain limited movement. Escape during bathroom breaks

Armed guard escort to restroom from transport, armed escort to transport, with remaining guard still on transport. Inmates relieves themselves under armed surveillance, with door open at all times. No civilians allowed near inmates, or bathrooms during the inmate’s bathroom breaks and guards must inspect bathrooms thoroughly before and after leaving restrooms. Extra guards in escort cars should help in this process to maintain security. Escape through windows or vents

All windows and vents should be secured outside of the cage surrounding the inmates, armed guard should be in transport at all times, regardless of the guard, a head count should be done before and after all stops. Escape through outside resources.

Limit all contact between prisoner and outside contacts prior to transport, restrict prisoners’ knowledge of schedule for transport. Two armed guards on transport, not counting driver. Two security cars, with two armed guards in each car, following transport. One car leading transport, with two armed guards. Cameras with audio on transport, communication between transport and escorts at all times.

In my assessment, I chose to evaluate the article of the prisoner escape from prisoner transport. I need to assess the importance of securing the vehicle to establish the safety of the inmates, the security personnel, the driver, and all citizen’s in and around the route. I determined that one threat that is a high probability is physical assault. I can determine this on a few different areas which is why I gave it a criticality of 7. If a prisoner were caught escaping a fight would ensue, if the prisoner were seen by a bystander, physical harm could come from the interaction, or if the prisoner got a hold of a weapon, he could become too brave instead of just running. My thought of countermeasures are that the transport should have a strong metal cage separating the inmates from the guards; furthermore, the inmates should be shackled, hands and feet, with a sturdy chain running from wrist shackles to ankle shackles.

This should be restrictive to eliminate excess movement on the prisoner’s part. The prisoners are being transported to facilities better equipped to deal with them, not to go to a spa; therefore their comfort is less important. The next strong threat factor is through outside resources. This could happen in many ways. Since the inmates that are generally on these types of transports are considered dangerous, security measures must be made to ensure no contact with anyone on the outside for a period of time prior to transport and should have no knowledge of transport date. This could help prevent communicating with someone on routes, times, or any other knowledge that could be given to organize a breakout. There should be at least two, or more, armed guards in the transport with the prisoner’s and driver at all times. This would allow rest as well as backup.

There should be at least two cars following the transport to ensure the transport is not ambushed easily. There should be two armed guards in each car. Another car with two armed guards should escort the transport. Finally, open lines of contact should be in place between all guards at all times, either via a system installed on the bus or through ear pieces and microphones. Having all guards in constant communication can prevent many problems from arising; because, one guard may see something another does not, and there are extra hands in case of trouble should the inevitable happen. The assessment I have provided, while requiring extra manpower, makes sense to me in the fact that this type of transport is moving dangerous cargo. The object of security in this matter is not to provide comfort, but to provide an extra measure of protection for the inmates, driver, guards, and civilians alike.

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