Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank Essay

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Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank

The New York Times article “Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank” by Ethan Bonner covers the reemergence of the Palestinian-covered West Bank, specifically in the city of Nablus, after a series of bloody uprisings and encounters between extremists and Israeli forces. The Palestinian authority has been longing for control over their territories, and it has experienced its first sense of security and economic stability since the second Palestinian uprising broke out in 2000.

It seems that the economy has stabilized so far as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected a seven percent growth rate for the year 2009. A few infrastructure projects have also started as rebuilding and revitalization of the West Bank area continued. A movie theater has opened and a seven-story furnishing store has started operation recently which proves that the West Bank’s economic and security status has been stabilizing. Just two weeks ago, Israeli checkpoints have started to shut down and troops are gradually being pulled out from the area which are a part of the Israel’s promise to aid the Palestinian authority.

However, doubts have been raised against this promise as Israel has not permitted Paltel, the Palestinian cellphone company, to construct network towers (Bronner, 2009). By far, peace and order has been evident within the West Bank. The two camps—Israel and Palestine—have been working together in order to stabilize the economy of the area which is seen as a vital aspect for the area’s growth. Security has also been a matter most attended to by both camps since it also helps ensure a steady economic growth.

If both the economy and the security will be stabilized in the area, there will be enough reason to believe that the Palestinians will be capable enough to handle the problems within their areas. Since Israeli troops are gradually being pulled out, it goes to show that trust is slowly being reestablished between the Israeli government and the Palestinian authority, which is a good sign for both sides’ future relations. So far, the Palestinian communities—specifically Nablus, West Bank—has experienced a steady growth and a revitalized sense of security.

As known in previous years, the conflict between Israeli forces and extremists has greatly hindered economic and political growth within Palestinian territories, especially in the West Bank area. The traumas of conflict may have not been permanently erased, but there is still hope for the Palestinian communities in the future as the West Bank experiences stability within its local economy. Furthermore, the Palestinian authority has been present in order to address the local concerns of the area, attending mostly to the area’s security.

It may take years before the economy has completely stabilized and the security has been fully established, but as of now, the area has shown great signs of improvement as compared to previous years. People have felt more secure, buildings are being established and reestablished, and stores are being opened and reopened. Communities are starting to experiencing growth again. References Bronner, E. (2009, July 16). Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank. The New York Times. Retrieved July 17, 2009, from http://www. nytimes. com/2009/07/17/world/middleeast/17westbank. html? ref=world.

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