Section On Human Communication

It means that a person is pretending to listen to others when others are trying to talk to them. Example, Tomy’s mother is trying to talk about the family history story to tomy and tomy just pretending he is listening. Insulated listening means a person does not want to listen to certain topics and they will skip that topic or forget that topic. Example, Mandy finished her piano practice and her mom told her that her skills are not that good , and during the way back home , her mother try to discuss about the problem but mangy keep avoid to talk that topic and discuss about another topic .

The definition of ambushing is a person who will listen and collect all the information when the speaker speaking and later attack back to the speaker .

example, Linda is talking with her friends and her f.riend was keep on attacking her about what she said . Means know that what is the point that the speaker saying  Means that we remember the information of what we heard .

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Such as , lecturer teaching us knowledge and we try to remember as much as we can, but by time by time pass we will slowly forgot part of  Means that the message that we wanted to say to the speaker is not the truth and shows by their nonverbal cues such as they will bite their nails or looking other places or rubbing their hand . For example , a criminal is rubbing his hand while answering the police question to lower his suspicion from the police .

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It means that replacing the verbal message by nonverbal cues . example , when in the class and the lecturer teaching , me and my friends will try to communicate through nonverbal cues to say that “im hungry” and “what’s -means that adding nonverbal cues to your verbal message . for example , I have won the taekwondo championship and my dad is proud of it , after I took the medal , he pat my back and compliment  Means that the tone that underline the important part of the message For example , raise up the tone when is the point in the message . Explain TWO on how culture can effects by non-verbal communication  In some culture they feel that touching each other is representing the relationship between each other .

For example , in Europe they think that touching represent their kindness such as they will greet their friends by shaking their hands or place their hands on others nut in japan they will not have any physical touch to strangers . In some culture they think that silence is means respect but in some culture it means it is rude to be silence . Define TWO benefits of intrapersonal relationship.  It can reflects how we fell about our partners and ourself towards this relationship. Can control ourselves better and influence our partner .  Explain the following stages in relational deterioration. Means that partners will set a limit to their conversation , and when they stop their conversation when they hit the limit that they set. For example , a husband and wife set their limit their conversation .  For example , a husband and wife they are bored to their marriage life and have the mind set of divorce but due to the child they could not Means that the partner’s relationship totally ended and take a different pathway to have their own sweet life. Example , a marriage couple decided to end their 3 years marriage life because they have no feelings to each other .

Explain THREE types of conflict in intrapersonal communication with examples. It means that our own goods is important than others , such as a competition , 1 win 1 lose but the winner is always ourselves  Means that ones sacrifies the the need and fulfill the others needs , for example , I sacrifies my wish that I wanted to go funfair and going to watch the movie that you wantd to watch in the cinema .  Means that the the action made that can satisfy both individuals needs . such as we will first go to the funfair and later go for the movie . Compare and explain THREE the differences between maintaining and Maintaining relationship means they still maintain their marriage or relationship because of some unavoidable problem . and terminating relationship means that the relationship has gone to the end and wish each other have a great life after that . 1. Maintaining a relationship is because we know that our partner is caring and know us well .

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