Section Essay Topics

Was Iraq War Justified?

In spring 2003 the United States led coalition launched the major offensive in order to oust the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The offensive successfully ousted Saddam after a few month air strikes followed by ground offensive and President Bush announced “Mission Accomplished” when the coalition forces captured Baghdad. The declaration of war against Iraq has… View Article

The labor and delivery nurse reports

Marie Wilson, a 34-year-old client who is gravida 4, para 3, is transferred to the postpartum unit 2 hours after a prolonged 14-hour labor and forceps delivery of a male infant weighing 9 lb, 2 oz. The placenta was intact upon delivery. The labor and delivery nurse reports that Marie was catheterized for 600 ml… View Article

Placenta Previa

The topic I have chosen for my journal is placenta previa. My patient, 39-year-old M.C came in to the hospital for her fourth cesarean delivery. She has three healthy children that are twenty, ten and two years old. She is not a good candidate for vaginal birth because she has an android or heart shaped… View Article