Secrets of Life in Frankenstein

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In many recent years, altering life forms through genetic engineering has been a controversial topic. With technological advancements in that area, there is the debate over whether it is justified or not. Some people may debate the moral implications of genetic engineering, and others may question the environmental effects of it. Although genetic modifications have been limited to foods, some scientists are interested in testing the waters of this process in humans.

The process of genetic engineering refers to the addition of new DNA to an organism.

In today’s world, genetic modification has been primarily used in plants and animals (Conserve Energy Future). Although it seems like an unnatural process, much of the country’s foods have been modified with science. Limiting modification to food is not the case for many scientists out there. The novel “Frankenstein” explores the idea of this kind of process being used in humans, and the consequences that come along with it.

Discovering the secret of life can seem intriguing, but Victor Frankenstein had deep regret for creating the monster after the damage that was caused.

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Victor hides his creation from his family and society and continues to live with the guilt. “Nothing in human shape could have destroyed that fair child. He was the murderer! I could not doubt it” (Shelley 63). The lack of acceptance and empathy drove the monster to rage. Now, Victor has to live with the guilt of William’s death. “Did anyone indeed exist, except I, the creator, who would believe, unless his senses convinced him, in the existence of the living monument of presumption and rash ignorance which I had let loose upon the world?” (Shelley 66).

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The creation of the monster only caused Victor to lose everyone dear to him and resent himself. Victor realizes his ruthlessness to expand his knowledge of science backfired on him.

At first, the monster was physically a threat to Victor and the community, but eventually his emotional intelligence became the true threat. Victor abandoned the thought that the monster would have actual wants and needs when he saw how grotesque his creation was. While being shunned from society, the monster took it upon himself to be better. “Listen to my tale; when you have heard that, abandon or commiserate me, as you shall judge that I deserve” (Shelley 87-88). This shows the humane side of the monster, despite his outward appearance. The monster had learned from the environment how to have a sensitive and emotional personality.

I do not agree with genetic engineering in humans because it is not only morally wrong, but it can cause many problems in society. Genetic engineering has been experimented with many times throughout history with horrific outcomes. If genetic engineering existed in humans, there would not be enough diversity. I understand how some scientists would like to help bring an end to many diseases, but there is the question of if it is truly safe or not (Conserve Energy Future). Mary Shelley explains the shame and guilt that goes along with creating and destroying life.

As seen in the novel “Frankenstein,” modern advancements in technology can be dangerous and cause more turmoil. If the same methods used on foods were used on humans, the aftermath could either be beneficial or disastrous. The novel shows the readers how there are consequences to creating life and it can get out of the creator’s hands. There will always be moral implications that come along with modifying organisms, whether it be humans, plants, or animals.

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