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Secondary education Essay

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I am the captain of our School Hockey Team. District Hockey Touranaments are to be organized in Jaipur next month. Several good teams will take part in it. Ours is a very good team. If we get a chance to take part, we may possibly win there. You are, therfore, requested to permit our Hockey Team to participate in the District Hockey Tournaments and make necessary arrange-ments for the same. Thanking you very much for your favour. Yours very obediently, Purshottam Jain Captain 24.

10. 2008 School Hockey Team (2) Write a letter to your mother for winter clothing as the winter is approaching. Boy’s Hostel, D. P.

Inter College, Aligarh Dated : 28. 11. 2008. My dear Mother, I am sorry I could not write to you earlier because I was very busy with my half-yearly examination. Now I am free, the examination is over and thank God I have done very well in the examination. I’m sure I will get a high rank in the half-yearly examination.

There will be biting cold after a few days. Mother, you know that I do not have sufficient woollen clothes. I need a woollen sweater and a woollen coat. They will probably cost a thousand rupees. Please send me this money soon so that I may purchase these clothes from the exhibition next month.

Kindly remember me to my brothers and sisters. Your dearest son, Deepak (3) Write a letter to your maternal father asking him to send money to enable you to join an Excursion Party to Kashmir arranged by your college. Old Hostel, D. A. V. Inter College, Kanpur. December 5, 2008 Respected Nanaji, I received your kind letter yesterday. My joy knew no bounds to read about Mamaji’s marriage. I could not acknowledge it as I was busy in the annual sports of my college. Now I am free from the strain You have asked me my plan during the witner holidays. The students of my college are going on an excursion to Kashmir for a week.

I am anxious to go with them as it will teach me a lot besides recration. I have a keen desire to enjoy the natural scenes and spacious lakes of Kashmir, the paradise of India. I’ll get an opportunity to see the waterfalls, house-boats and fruit cultivation there. I have to deposit five hundred rupees for the travelling expenses by the 15th of this month. I shall need another five hundred rupees for my personal expenses. I request you, Nanaji, to send me this money in time to join the party. My best regards to Naniji and love to Teenu and Palak.

Your loving son, Vishal

(4) Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to give you a certificate regarding your conduct and character. To, The Principal, Saraswati Inter College, Varanasi. Sir, Respectfully I beg to say that my father has been transferred to Allahabad. As I have to join the D. A. V. Inter College, Allahabad, I need a certificate about my conduct and character. I may inform you that I joined your college in 2002. I have in- variably stood first in my class. Last year I passed the High School examination and my percentage of marks obtained was 72 per cent. I was a member of football eleven last year.

I was the Captain of the football team for two years—2005 and 2006. I also won first prize in debate competition last year. Kindly issue me the certificate within four days as we are leaving for Allahabad on 25th July, 2007. Thanking you for the favour, Yours most obediently, Dated 20. 07. 2007 Varun Sarkar XIB. (5) Write a letter to your friend telling him about your daily life. F-105, Kamla Nagar Agra. March 25, 2008. My dear Rajeev, Thank you very much for your sweet letter. I was really expecting it everyday. My qualifying tests are over and my mind is free from strain.

Now I am leading a routine life. I get up at 5 o’clock, go to bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my hands and feet. After that I go for a morning walk with a friend of mine, who lives next door to me. At about 7 a. m. , I come back and take tea with a light breakfast. I sit to study for about two hours. At nine I get up to take a bath. Then I take my food, collect my books, put on my clothes and go to school. I return from school at 4. 00 p. m. I take tea and some fruits. After half an hour’s rest, I go to school play ground for playing hockey. I come back home before sunset.

I devote nearly two hours in doing my home-work and preparing my lessons for the following day as also revise my lessons. I finish this by 9. 30. Then I take my dinner with my parents. Sometimes I see T. V. programme. After that I go to bed. On Sundays I wash my clothes and help my mother in one or the other domestic work. My daily routine keeps me physically fit and mentally peaceful. I would advise you to follow a programme of your daily life to achieve pleasure and peace. Your dear friend, Babloo (6) Write a letter to your friend telling him about the television programme you like the most. Also write why you like it. Gaurav Cottage,

City Road, Ajmer 12th March, 2008 My dear Sanjay, Received your letter and noted the contents. I am quite well here and hope the same for you. I am studying hard for my examinations and I am sure to do very well in it. In this letter, I am writing to you about the television programme I like the most. My favourite programme is T. V. S. Sa-Re-Ga-Ma. It is telecasted on every Monday at 8 p. m. on Zee Television. It is a programme that helps new singers to show their talent. As you know I am a good singer and singing is my hobby. So I like the programme very much. Convey my respect to your parents and love to Gunjan and Jolly.

With best wishes, Yours sincerely, Harish (7) Write a letter to your friend telling him how you celebrated your birthday this year. Akashdeep, Subzi Mandi, Indore. 9th February, 2008. My dear Subhah, I have received no letter from you since 10th January. I invited you to my birthday party which was on 7th February, but neither you came nor sent any letter. Are you angry with me? I had invited all my friends and relatives on my birthday this time. It was arranged at my house. The front lawn was decorated with buntings, balloons, ribbons and multi-coloured bulbs. There was a decent music and dancing programme.

Manoj and I sang a few film songs, which were appreciated by all. There were a lot of your favourite dishes. I really missed you very much on that day. Father arranged a Kawwali programme which was liked by all. The artists were delighted with a shower of rose flowers and currency notes. A lot of presents were presented to me. I was very happy to receive them. Convey my resepect to your Mummy and Papa and let me know the cause of your absence per return of post to lessen my worry. With best wishes, Yours truly, Vinod (8) Write a short letter to someone in hospital to cheer him or her up.

Prakash Villa, Sarojini Naidu Road, Bikaner 20th September, 2008. My dear Meena, I was shocked to know that you met with an accident and have been admitted in the hospital. All the girls of our class miss you and pray the Almighty for your speedy recovery. The annual function was held on 10th instant. The Principal awarded you a Medal for your standing first in the class in the Antyakshari Competition held early last month. I received the medal on your behalf and have kept it with my mother. How everybody clapped and cheered when your name was announced!

May you recover soon and be with us with best wishes, Yours sincerely, Manju (9) Write a short letter to a pen friend who lives in a foreign country telling him briefly about youself. F-6, Kabir Nagar, Ghaziabad (U. P. ) India. May 16, 2008 Dear Robert, Hi, My joy knew no bound when I received your letter through pen-friend mail. I am sure you would like to know about me and mine. I am seventeen, studying in XII standard. My optional subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Hindi and Engilsh are my compulsory subjects. My father is a doctor, child specialist of name and fame in the district.

My hobbies are swimming and photography. In my next letter I shall send you some photographs of the members of my family.

I have a loving mother, a younger brother and a sister. They both read in Delhi Public School in Class VIII and VI respectively. I shall feel happy to hear soon about you and your family members. With regards to your parents and love to young ones. With best wishes to you. Truly yours, Avinash Goyal (10) Write a letter to your sister advising her to lend a helping hand to ailing mother in household work. Anand Bhawan Chandpole Bazaar, Jaipur 14th August, 2008. My dear Rajni, Received father’s letter and was sorry to know that mother is ill. How is she now please write to me per return of post. I am worried about her very much.

She is already weak, lean and thin. See that you yourself do the household work and let not mother share in it. I shall come next week to see her when my monthy tests are over. You are quite grown up now and realize your duty. You can sweep the house, prepare tea and breakfast. Ask Kakiji to come and cook food. You also help her. Please give medicines and milk etc. in time to mother. Convey my regards to Mother, Papa and Kakiji and love to Munmun. With best wishes and love to you. Affectionately yours, Anand (11) Write a letter to your father telilng him about your hostel life.

Room No. 5, Hostel Mahendra Public School, Jodhpur. 15th July, 2008. Respected father, I have not received any letter from you since I left home. It has caused me worry about your welfare. In this letter I am writing you about my hostel life to minimize your worry about me regarding my boarding and lodging. There are twenty-five students in our hostel. There are five rooms and five students live in each room. We have a stool, a table, an armed chair and an almirah for each hosteller. There is satisfactory arrangement of breakfast and meals in the hostel. We take milk and bread slices with butter in breakfast and rice, vegetable, dal and chapati in lunch and dinner.

Two special diets are given each month. We play games in the evening. Our hostel provides facility in Tennis and Volleyball. Our warden is very gentle and kind. He keeps an eye on our studies, food and games. I am very happy here. Convey my regards to mother and love to Raju and Palak. With regards Yours loving son, Madhav (12) Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for sending you a gift on your birthday. Kaveri Puram, Nehru Nagar, Agra 24th July, 2008. Respected Uncle, Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with great pomp and show. Every member of the family was present in the party except you. We all missed you very much.

I thank you very much for the nice gift of a pen set sent by you on my birthday. Auntie gave it to me and told me about your going to Kanpur or an important piece of work all of a sudden. The colour design and flow of the pen is wonderful. Everybody praised it. I also longed for such a pen set. I thank you once again Uncle, for such a nice and useful gift. I’ll shortly come to you when I hear about your return from Kanpur to thank you in person. Your loving nephew, Sachin (13) Write a letter to your father to raise your monthly allowance. Old Hostel, Vidhya Bhawan, Jhansi. 7th September, 2008.

Respected Father, How happy was I when I received your loving letter late last week, in which you advised me to work hard and get a good division in Board’s examination. I promise to follow your advice in letter and spirit. These days the prices of everything, edible or non-edible, are rising high and becoming dearer very frequently. The mess charges have been raised by the contractor. The milkman has also increased his rate and so are the fruitsellers donig. It has become very difficult for me to pull on with the monthly allowance you are sending me now. I cannot easily take milk and fruits which are very essential to keep fit and good health.

So, I request you to very kindly increase my monthly allowance from rupees four hundred to five hundred. With regards to mother and love to Manju and Neeraj. Your loving son, Pawan (14) Write a letter to your friend Deepak to accompany you in a trip to Goa. 35/A-3, Namak Mandi, Raipur. November 28, 2008. Dear Deepak, How is it that you have not replied my previous letter of the 10th inst. It has developed my curiosity to know about you and yours. The old saying ‘No news is good news’ consoles me and I hope you are perfectly well and happy just as we are here. Here is a happy news for you my chum.

Father is taking all of us to Goa during the X-mas holidays. It would double our gaiety if you are also with us. You are quite familiar to our family. Even then I assure of all ease and comforts in our company. I am sure you won’t disappoint me. Please remember me to your parents and convey my regards to them. Yours sincerely, Dayal (15) You are Mukund, residing at 5, Civil Lines, Jabalpur. Write a letter to your father requesting him to permit you to go on a college tour to Nepal. 5, Civil Lines, Jabalpur. 22nd October, 2008 Dear father, I received your letter two days back and read the contents with untold pleasure.

I am glad you are all well and miss me on all festivities every now and then. You will pat me on my back to know that I have secured 72 per cent marks in my first terminal test. My school is closing for a week on account of Dassehra. Father, this time, I don’t intend to come home during the holidays. My college tour is scheduled for Nepal. We shall go under the guardianship of our class teacher and such opportunities are few and far between in life. May I, therefore, request you to permit me to go with my classmates for a change. Arrangements have already been made for our boarding and lodging there. We shall leave Jabalpur on 25.

10. 2008 and shall be back on 31. 10. 2008. I hope you will be pleased to permit me to join the tour and send me Rs. 250/- only. With lots of love. Yours affectionately, Mukund. (16) Write a letter to your younger sister sending her a present on her winning a gold medal in Hop-step-and-Jump in college sports. 129, Lucky Market, Bhopal. December 18, 2008 Dear Chhaya, Tell mother that I am well and have wished you the same. Now that you are in class IX, you can write to me with ease, from time to time, about your well-being and progress. While reading the sports news of our District, my eyes fell on your name.

My curiosity arose and I read the news with care. How happy I was when I read of your winning a gold medal in Hop-step-and-Jump in the college sports. I am sending to you a copy of English-Hindi concise dictionary by M. L. Agarwal in this context. Useful as the dictionary is, you’ll certainly like it and feel proud of possessing a dictionary of this standard. Wishing you repeated such occasions in your life, Your loving brother, Sachin (17) Write a letter of thanks to your friend Ashok Saxena who has sent you congratulations on your success in the examination. 10/2, Manohar Marg, Dehradun. June 9, 2008ю

My dear Ashok, I am proud of having a friend like you, who has always been encouraging me for marvellous performances in life. I got your letter of the 2nd instant congratulating me on my success in the competitive (C. P. M. T. ) examination. To be very fair, the credit of my success goes to your time-to-time guidance and encouragement. Dear Ashok accept my sincere thanks for your congratulations and remember me to your brothers and sisters. With lots of respects to your parents. Yours sincerely, Anand (18) You are Vinod Khanna, residing at 35, Vivekanand Marg, Panchmarhi, M. P. Your father is out of station.

Write a letter to him stating that your mother is ill and he should come back soon. 25, Vivekanand Marg, Panchmarhi April, 6, 2008. My dear father, Your leter of the 21st March, 2008 was received only yesterday. We were all very anxious to know about you. We are glad to learn that you are perfectly well there. My annual examination begins from 14. 04. 2008. I am, therefore, very busy with my books. Unluckily mother is suffering from viral fever these days. She is feeling lonely and uncared for. As a matter of fact she is missing you. I request you to come back home at your earliest convenience to console her.

Kindly bring me some good story books if not inconvenient to you. Yours affectionately, Vikas (18) You are Joseph Anand studying in Class X D of Gorkhi Higher Secondary School, Lashkar, Gwalior. Write an application to your Principal for issue of books from the Book-Bank in your school. To, The Principal. Gorkhi Hr. Sec. School, Lashkar, Gwalior. Sir, Most respectfully I beg to submit that I am a student of XD of your school. My father works as a time-keeper in a local factory. He gets a salary of Rs. 800/- per month only as is evident from his employer’s certificate attached herewith.

He is thus unable to buy me all necessary books. I, therefore, request you to issue me some books from the school Book-bank. I promise to keep them with great care and return the same after my annual examination. Thanking you ever so much. Yours obediently, Dated 25th July, 2008 Joseph Anand XD. (19) You are Abdul Majid, a student of class X, Saraswati Higher Secondary School, Morena. Write an application to your principal for re-admission. To, The Principal, Saraswati Hr. Sec. School, Morena Respected Sir, I beg to say that I am a student of Class X of your school. My name is Abdul Majid.

My father works in Gwalior Cotton Mill, Gwalior. He did not get his salary on due date as the workers were on strike. Hence I failed to deposit my school fees in time. And as such my name has been struck off. Now I am ready to deposit my old dues. Kindly permit me for re-admission and oblige. Hoping to be obliged. Your most obediently, Dated 05. 12. 2008. Abdul Majid. (20) Write an application to the Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal requesting him to issue you a duplicate copy of your mark-sheet. Give full details of your original mark-sheet. To, The Secretary.

Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. Respected Sir, I am very sorry to inform you that I have lost my mark sheet during my railway journey in which someone stole my attache. I need it very badly for my admission in B. Sc. Part I. I will fail to secure my admission in case I fail to submit the mark-sheet of the Intermediate Exam. by the 25th of this month. As such I very humbly request your goodself for an early compliance. The relevant details are given below— Name — Manoj Kumar Goel Father’s Name — Shri Yogendra Kumar Goel Year of Exam. — 2006 Roll No. — 81630 Name of Centre — Govt.

Hr. Sec. School, Bilaspur Postal orders for Rs. 25/- are enclosed herewith. Thanking you for the favour. Yours faithfully, Encl. : Postal orders Manoj Kumar Goel Dated : June 6, 2008 10/18, Civil Lines, Bilaspur. (21) Write an application to the Principal, Scindhia School, Gwalior, requesting him to grant permission for a friendly hockey match. To, The Principal, Scindhia School, Gwalior. Sir, We, the players of the hockey team of this school, beg to say that we desire to play a friendly match against the hockey team of Gorkhi Higher Secondary School, Lashkar on Wednesday, November 24, 2008.

The match will begin at 3. 30 p. m. sharp on our playground. You are requested to grant your permission for the same and oblige. We would further request you to ask our Games Superintendent to make necessary arrangement for the match. Thanking you for the favour. Yours obediently, Raj Mohan Kalra Dated 22-11-2008 Captain, Hockey Team. (22) Write an application to your Principal requesting for refund of your caution money. To The Principal, Holy Public Hr. Sec. School, Ujjain Respected Madam, Respectfully I beg to state that this year I have passed the High School Examination from this school.

It will not be possible for me to continue my study here, since my father has been transferred to Indore. May I, therefore, request you to very kindly instruct your office to refund my caution money amounting to Rs. 100/- and oblige. Thanking you in advance, I am, Yours obediently, July 4, 2008 Shalini Yadav (23) You have passed the S. S. C. Examination. You went to Delhi to get admission in a college there. Write a letter to your father apprising him how you got the admission and also about your stay in the hostel. Place Date My dear father, I understand that you are eagerly waiting for a letter from me.

I am happy to inform you that I got admission to the college yesterday. There was no difficulty about the admission. The Principal and two profsessors interviewed me. They were very kind and understanding. I am admitted to the Science group. I joined the college hostel yesterday itself. The hostel is a very good one. I have another boy in my room. He is the son of a doctor in Allahabad. He is very friendly. I don’t need any more money. Please tell mother that I shall look after myself very well. Yours affectionately, Signature ……….. Name ……………. (24) Write a letter to your friend, describing your experience in the Exam.

Hall. Place Date Dear Arjun, At last my examination is over. I am awfully tired and I really need a holiday. Before I go for a holiday, let me tell you some of my experiences in the examination hall. I felt very nervous on the first day, when I was waiting outside with the other students for the doors to open. Most of them were talking and laughing. I felt so anxious that I could not speak to anyone. At last the doors were opened and we all crowded in and searched for our seats. We settled down in our places and waited anxiously for the papers. When I got the English question paper, I felt I could not answer a single question.

However, when I read the questions more carefully, I learnt that I could answer most of the questions. I did not have much difficulty with Physics and Chemistry. But Mathematics was difficult. The supervisors were very strict and so there was no chance for any mal-practice. One boy was caught for copying and was expelled. Now that my examination is over, I am going for a holiday. I hope for a good result. Yours sincerely, Signature (25) Your father has just bought a new cycle for you. Write a letter to your cousin informing him about it and the first ride you had. Place ……….. Date …………

My dear Shyam, You will be glad to know that my long felt desire of buying a bicycle has been fulfilled. How happy I was when my father bought it home in the evening! I could hardly wait anyone to see it. I snatched it from my father and found myself immediately on the roads. With a jump I was on it and felt like a bird in the air. It took me only a few minutes to have a round of Gandhi Square and to reach back home. I wish you were here to share my joys. Yours lovingly, Name (26) Write a letter to your friend writing about his faults and also about the good points of his character.

Examination Hall, Delhi. March 20, 2008 My dear Satish, I am in receipt of your letter dated March 14, 2008. I was surprised to read that you want me to give my free opinion about you. Ordinarily, I would think twice before speaking on such matters because few people like to hear the truth. In your case, however, I have no hesitation because I know you thoroughly well. You have certain quailities of head and heart. You are very intelligent indeed. In fact, a less intelligent person would never have asked others to bring out his virtues and defects. You have consistently improved upon your capacity to listen.

Now you can be trusted with giving others a patient-hearing. You may at times lose patience under great provocation but certainly you are not liable to lose your nerves. Your ideas on friendship are no doubt high. You are worthy of being called a friend in need. Another point which goes in your favour is that you are very hard working. You are kind and generous by nature and cannot tolerate injustice being done to anybody. You are not liable to be led away by personal prejudices. You cannot, I am sure, be bribed. In fact, you have right qualities which a prospective candidate for I. A. S. should possess.

In spite of this there is a great drawback in you which alone can mar all your qualities. You are very emotional and liable to be swayed away by pity. Sometimes this creates in you a sense of quality and you cannot decide matters forthwith. Remember you restless you were when you caught a pickpocket red-handed but were about to leave him after patiently hearing from him the misery with which his children would face in his absence. In similar cases your sympathies may be misplaced and you, in spite of yourself, fail to do justice. Well, you know everybody has some fault or the other in spite of his virtues.

But it is only the wise who go in for heart-searching. That in itself is a great quality. I have given my free opinion about you. Write to me how do you feel after reading it ? How are your mother and father? Please convey my best regards to them. Yours sincerely, Surendra, (27) Write a letter to your father informing him of your success in winning a prize at a debate. 216, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. February 26, 2008 My dear father, You will be very glad to know that this year’s top prize for the best debator has come to me. It is a silver trophy beautifully cast and the name of the school is engraved on it.

The debate was on ‘Inter-school’ level. Three other boys from different schools took part in it. The topic of discussion was ‘Whether Municipalisation of Secondary School Education would be Beneficial. ’ All the three boys spoke in favour of it. They said that municipali-sation of secondary education was the only way to bring about reforms in the system of education. According to them, it was proper to pass over secondary education to Municipal authorities to enable them to correlate the primary and secondary education.

This would, they argued, channelise education from primary stage to higher secondary stage in one single stream which will make for uniform progress. Their argument convinced many. My teachers felt restless when I stood up to speak. I started with a feeble voice but soon it became forceful. I smashed their arguments by saying whether my friends, in order to channelise education in one stream, would like to municipalise college education as well ? My arguments went home and the audience seemed convinced. I was highly applauded. My rivals were silent and I was declared the winner. I was later told by my teacher that the manner of my speech was forceful as were my arguments.

The boys and teachers of my school were very happy because I had brought honour to them. The function ended happily. How is mother ? I wish you were here these fine days. Love to Kuckoo. Yours affectionately, Rishi (28) Write a letter to your old teacher, giving impressions of your new school and teachers. Moti Ganj, Hathras. July, 24, 2008. Respected Sahniji, I reached my new place of study on Saturday last. Today is Tuesday. Within three days I have learnt a lot about school boys and teachers here, and I am writting this letter to give young a gist of my experience.

Ordinarily it would be difficult to form an opinion about others within such a short time. But the saying that coming events cast their shadows before time is correct, I think I will never have to change my opinion. The moment I reached my school and sent word to the Principal, boys came rushing to receive me. They seemed happy to find a new addition in the rolls of the school. Many of them put different questions in a single breath asking my name, class, name of the previous school and my parents. They took me by the arm and conducted me to the Principal’s room. The Principal offered me a seat.

I gave him the letter of recommendation from you. He praised you very much and assured me that a teacher of your standing would never write a letter of recommendation in undeserving cases. Therefore, he said, I was welcome to the school. He then introduced me to my class teacher. He gave me a test. The manner of his asking questions from me was so sweet that replying to him was a matter of joy for me. His treatment showed that I was not at all a stranger to him. I have been granted admission to Xth class and I have started my studies in the right earnest from the beginning. Though I feel quite comfortable here, yet I miss you very much.

I hope to see you during the Dussehra holidays to relate more experiences. Meanwhile I remain, Sir, Yours obediently, Rohit Moni (29) Suppose you are a foreigner touring India. Write a letter home to some member of your family giving him or her your impressions of the country. Tip Top Hotel, Generalganj, Kanpur. December 24, 2008 My dear Alice, I hope you have received my previous letter by now. During these days, I have been visiting one place after another. In my last letter I told you that I was leaving Mumbai for Varanasi. I reached Varanasi early in the morning of Tuesday last.

There beautiful ‘ghats’ or the banks of the Ganga are a scene of great activity for the Hindus in the morning. The river flows so charmingly at a distance from the big shrines. There is neither the swiftness nor the shapelessness of the rivers here as in England. I saw the Taj yesterday on a moonlight night. You will not believe me how enchanting the Taj is. It is all white marble and the layout of the gardens around it adds to its magnificence. In the morning today I flew to Bhakra Nangal. It is a very high dam and matchless in the history of Asia. It is a great feat of engineer-ing skill.

Wherever I went I found the people busy in their work. At Varanasi, I saw a class of people called here ‘Brahmins’ who sit on the river banks and invoke blessings of gods and goddesses in favour of their visitors. Quite a number of them do not look like genuine priests. In this country people are very hospitable. This I found during my visit to Bhakra. The sturdy peasants of this region called the Punjab actually surrounded me and expressed their joy at meeting me by performing a dance called ‘Bhangra’. It is such a carefree exercise of the linbs that the like of which I have never seen in any other part of the world.

The country, as a whole, has changed a lot. I saw progress in every field of activity. Many new industries have sprung up. I was told that India was now capable to participating in space race. There is still another point. Wherever I went, I found people desirous of peaceful progress. There is no effort at making false claims and creating mischief. It is really a socialist society which Indians were labouring hard to raise out of the ruins of the past. I feel my visit to this country has paid me well. I wish you were able to accompany me.

Your loving brother, Manik Chand Jain (30) Write a letter to your father telling him about your new friend. Describe what you have liked about him. Prakash Villa, Brahmnal, Varanasi. April 20, 2008. My dear father, I apologise I could not write to you earlier. It was not that I was busy in my studies. It was just for very interesting thing. Only a fortnight ago, a new boy named Mahendra Yadav joined our school in my class. He was given a seat beside me. At first sight I did not like him but his habits have endeared him to me and to many other boys so much that on the first Saturday we all went out for a picnic to a nearby village and passed our Saturday holiday on his initiative.

Mahendra is almost of my age and complexion. He is very good at studies. Because he sits with me in the classroom, we have become fast friends. The most lovable thing in Mahendra’s character is his quality of leadership. He has not been here for more than a mere fortnight and he is already being tipped for leadership of our class. During this period he has organised on two occasions outings and managed the whole show single handedly. Few boys can compare with him. The teachers are also very impressed by him.

You would be glad to know that I have already invited him to accompany me during the summer vacations. I am sure you would be glad to meet him. Please convey my respects to dear mother. Your loving son, Atul (31) Your friend is poor but good at studies. He is thinking of leaving the school. Write a letter advising him not to take this step and promising help to him. Raniwala Ghera Aligarh. September 18, 2008 My dear Raghubir, I am in receipt of your letter and beileve me, the contents of it shocked me.

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