Second Heart Essay

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Second Heart

1.Describe the story’s setting.

Being from Newfoundland the setting of this story really appeals to me. The setting takes place in a small town in Newfoundland. A father and his two sons are moose hunting way up in the back woods. I think it was a spot you could picture of an old logging road that was all grown in. It also took place during the fall so you can only imagine how it looked with all the leaves changing colours.

2.How does Junior deceive his father into doing what he wants rather than what his father wants him to do?

Junior lies to his father to do what he wants. For example: “I’m just going to see what’s down there,” Junior says. But when in fact he had not really shot the cow instead he killed the bull. He wanted to get down there to cut the throat without his father finding out.

3.The main conflict results from contrast between Al English (the father) and Al English Jr. Describe that contrast.

Jr. Is a young man driven to hunt. You could tell that he cared a lot about his father and feared his mother. Jr. Was trying to poach but his father was an honest man who would not have any part of this or his sons to be any part it. -First when Jr. said he wouldn’t tag it his father said, “no what would your mother think.” – And again Jr. Said, “sure we almost got this animal out.” His father replied by telling June that they were tagging the moose. I think June was a typical young man who cared about his family and who liked to hunt and don’t like to give up a good shot. The father is a good man who bides by the law. He loves his wife and like any father tries really hard to protect his kids.

4.What moral issues are exposed as the story unfolds and which ones does each character represent.

A couple of moral issues are exposed throughout this story. I would say it all starts with Jr. And how he is deceitful and don’t care that the moose licence is in someone else’s name. He is a liar and would do anything to tell any lie to get what he wants and needs. Then his father Al is the complete opposite. He is an honest man who would never poach or break the law. Al is a man who looked after his family and tried to teach them right from wrong but most importantly he was a man who liked to play it by the book.

5.Explain what happens in the scene at the airport near the end of the story.

In the scene at the airport it is Gabe’s father’s way in telling him that he knows and he could have been mad but he was not. His father minds (hints) that the cops are near to arrest him. At the end Gabe got a letter saying his dad found the second heart.

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