Seasonal Workers Essay

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Seasonal Workers

Seasonal work, the ideal job for young people, college students, and those in need of working urgently. We will show how some companies benefit from seasonal jobs and how individuals make these jobs an opportunity to reach their goals using this chance as a stepping stone. Different ways to reach out those in need of a job, and the trouble these seasonal jobs cause companies when not fill completely or in time for the summer demands. Review/Analysis of the Case Being able to fill positions during demanding times is crucial for all businesses regardless of their affiliations.

For companies like High Sierra pools that need lifeguards and pool staff, but can’t obtain them throughout promoting the positions locally, using outside agencies is the best choice. With the policies Congress has impose over the H-2B visas that will prevent previous employees under the visa program apply again, will generate a significant problem while trying to hire employees for the season. Businesses must result to other strategies in order to accommodate their needs.

Requesting volunteers from within the company to work extra hours, or add more days to their schedules could help them resolve the current issue. Other ways to fill up the empty positions would be to promote a program that will secure individuals looking for a possible permanent position; having the flexibility to hire for the season with high probabilities of keeping the job would attract more people for those positions locally. Also promising your business directly to one agency may give them the motivation to work the extra mile and bring the best seasonal workers out there.

I would recommend them to create a hiring program that would brings students looking for a chance within a business, that will allow them to start at a certain position with the opportunity to apply for others within the company. This would allow them to bring in those looking for interships in business environment. Adapt the program to allow those with a business major to be selected as trainees in different positions within the company, allowing the the chance to stay as a permanent employee or even come back next year during the same time frame.

This could serve as a experience stepping stone for those about to graduate and looking for a background experience for other promising jobs. Other strategies that could be use to gain more employees, would be to seek students directly. Going to campuses and providing briefings about the company, their vision, employment programs, and benefits for those young future employees facing the business world. Could promote a higher rate of employment for the company, not only throughout the seasonal time but chances of permanent and best experienced workers in a near future.

By providing a good advertisement, the company can be found easier in the many search engines used now days. Making it easier for students to come across them while in the internet. High Sierra Pools, should take this strategies to consideration and give them a try, it could help them find workers faster, easier, and expend less money searching for employees instead of using an outside agency to do the work for them like the previous years.

Summary and Conclusions If High Sierra Pools maintains the current employment issue without searching for other alternatives. They will eventually face a major downfall when the summer season comes around. This could hurt their business greatly, not only by not having enough employees, but the current customers may notice a change in the services provided and change their location comes next year season.

Being able to adapt to the demanding load of customers and service will be a key tool for the success of their business. Make themselves reliable and flexible to future employees and candidates will maintain the flow of seasonal employees they need to succeed every year. Whether is a company or corporation being able to supply the required number of employees and provide an attractive work environment with good opportunities, will provide the business with a steady growth every season.

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