Season and Cuckoo Bird Thrill Essay

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Season and Cuckoo Bird Thrill

If I am asked which season of the year I like Best, I would immediately burst out: SPRING. Spring is the Queen of all seasons of the year, unsurpassable in beauty and grandeur in color and freshness. But it does not mean that obstinately I hug this season to my breast or that I am per in my attitude towards other seasons. No doubt each season has its own advantages but each suffers from certain drawbacks also. An Essay And Article On The Season Of The Year I Like The Most If I think of summer season, it brings my heart to my lips when I visualize the strokes of heat blowing and hitting all animals and birds, the dazzling light of the sun.

When I think of autumn, the image of leafless trees comes before my eyes. Similarly, in the rainy season one cannot move out of doors. It is the season of mosquitoes, flies and insects. So far as winter is concerned, it gives me a grey look. The chilly winds blow. The biting cold makes it difficult for us to do any work. the spring is the season of flowers and plants

So naturally I would like the spring which is the season of flowers and plants. Nature is in the full bloom of her glory. Every where there is greenery. Sweet-smelling blossoms feast our eyes. The sweet notes of Cuckoo bird thrill our ears. There is a feeling of energy and vitality in our body. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

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It is the pleasantest one-the most suitable for excursions, trips and outings. We do not get tired so soon while walking or working. Not only this, it is the season of love-making, quite good for all those hearts that are young and romantic. Even birds and animals feel its impact and lead’ an amorous life. Then whose heart is so dead that would not crave for the spring seasons? So this was an essay on season. – See more at:

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