Search for a New Life: From Iraq to the USA Essay

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Search for a New Life: From Iraq to the USA

Everybody has to make many important decisions in their life. Some of these decisions can be simple and others complicated. Some time we make difficult choices even though we don’t want to. For example, a decision I made was to leave our country to save my family and have a better life in the U. S. A. Life in my country was very dangerous, so my family and I had to leave our country to “Begin a new leaf”. After the U. S. A and many other countries started a war we absolutely had to go to America.

Many people were killed and are killing until now because of (many Krishnan people have killed); nation and gienocide. We live in a small town far away from Mosul about 30 K . M. I had to work in Mosul with the government, so some people wanted me to stop working and leave the town or they will kill me . The road from my town to Mosul was very dangerous, with many bombes in the road and in Mosul. Also there were two bombs in our town near my children’s’ school.

They were injured and very scared. My salary was very small and was not enough to get in good situation. There was no education, no hospital, no water and nothing at all we need. At the end, I decided to have a difficult decision to leave Iraq and to live in a strong country in the U. S. A. My family felt better in the U. S. A more then my country. We have a good education, health, job and to live in peace. I study English to communicate to people around me.

Health here is very good to take care of us from our doctor and the hospitals are excellent. I take all my medicine that I need every month. My sons have a good job. The best thing I have that I live in peace without any trouble with people. In sum, live is full of many decisions. We have to make the right decision to have a better life. Our decision was difficult for our family and in our life because we left our country. We found the strong country in the U. S. A is better many times from Iraq.

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