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Scott in "Castle Rock" Character Analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 3 (636 words)
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Being a fan of the author there is no doubt that I could be a little prejudiced when it comes to his books. Elevation is the latest in his line of master-pieces. His books are the reason I believe that any form of literature could be a record of the times the author lived in, and the place he grew up in; whether a work of fiction or otherwise.

Elevation is, by no means, any different. It is a perfect record of a conservative community that is the best part of an average American township.

Only in this case, this not an actual American township, not a real-life one, but the infamous fictional town of the King himself: Castle Rock, Maine. The name of the township is named after a fictional location of the same name from ‘The Lord of the Flies’.

Anyway, in Castle Rock, we are not always met with the ever optimistic ‘American dream’; because the township is not a mere fantasy land.

Castle Rock is mostly conservative and the people of the township do not accept new comers easily-especially socially crippled ones. Word gets around fast in this place, and very few secrets are kept within the walls of houses. Even the telephone lines are not safe from curious ears of nosy neighbors. So it is only natural that the protagonist: Scott Carey, decides to personally confides about his near supernatural condition to a friend, a retired doctor, Bob Ellis.

Scott-s condition is that he is losing his weight. While many of us might actually consider ourselves lucky with such a condition, Scott is worried. The problem is that he is not losing any physical mass at all. He still has with-held his physique as the over obese American with an appetite of a dozen kings. No matter how heavy his clothes or the things he has on him are, he is still low on a weighing scale.

Later in the story, it perspires that he is losing his hold on gravity.

While he has his own problems to deal with, Scott learns that the community of Castle Rock is showing its typical hospitality towards his new neighbors and entrepreneurs: Deirdre McComb and her wife Missy Donaldson-lesbians who had just moved into the township in search of a new life.

McComb, being a woman who has seen too much of the world and its treatment of people who are like her and is cold, remorseless and may pass off as a snappy woman; only adding to her treatment as an outcast. Missy, on the other hand, weighs down the other end of the balance by being the kind, and sweet one.

But Scott wants to be the neighbor who is nice and kind. The community itself is not promoting any kind of encouragement towards their friendship, by being what it is. The people treat them with contempt, and their fabulous restaurant stays empty. This is the way things are, until a set of events turn things for the better-for the people of Castle Rock and the women.

Scott’s condition worsens. We are not let in on the details of how he goes on when worse come to worst, but we do know that he is a good man and his heart is not weighed down by any remorse or guilt and is ‘elevated’ with a sense of justifiable righteousness.

Conclusively, this is a perfect illustration of how life in a conservative American township is and could be. Especially with the LGBT community, who have earned their right to marriage and a normal life in the States have to deal with their relatively more authoritative republican counterparts. This book delivers the ideal description of what we could be if we only learnt to look past the differences to relate with the human underneath.

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