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Scorpions vs Outsiders

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Essay, Pages 3 (646 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (646 words)

In this essay, I am going to compare and contrast the two novels ‘Scorpions’ by Walter Dean Myers and ‘Outsiders’ by S. E. Hinton. I will summarize the stories and then describe their differences and similarities. For example, both books are about gangs. But in Scorpions, there is one gang; in the Outsiders there are two. The Scorpions is about a 12 year old boy named Jamal who lives with his Mama and his little sister, Sassy, in Harlem. When his older brother Randy ends up in jail, Jamal is expected to take over the gang his brother left behind.

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Mack, who is the only one who thinks Jamal should be the leader, gives Jamal a gun. Jamal doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Scorpions but he knows it’s the only way to get money for Randy’s appeal. In the end the gun gets Jamal and his best friend Tito into a lot of trouble. What I learned from this story is that even if you really want to do something for someone, sometimes it’s better to think about yourself first.

If Jamal just hadn’t of joined the gang, nobody would have gotten hurt and nothing would have happened. The Outsiders is about 2 gangs, the Socs and the Greasers.

The Socs are the rich kids from the West side. The Greasers are from the East side, they are considered juvenile delinquents by other people. One night two Greasers (Ponyboy and Johnny) talk to some Socs (Cherry and Marcia) at the movies.

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Later that night, the two boys fall asleep in the lot. When Ponyboy runs home, his brother and guardian, Darry, slaps him and Ponyboy runs away to find Johnny. A big fight happens between the boys and the Socs at the park, which eventually gets to the point of Johnny killing Bob. In the end the boys go hide out in a church for a week.

A fire happens at the church and the boys run in to save the children inside. Johnny gets fatally hurt and in the end he dies. I learned that even if you do a lot of good, sometimes bad karma still comes around. The Scorpions and the Outsiders have a lot in common. One thing they have in common is both books have a set of best friends. In the Outsiders, the best friends are Ponyboy and Johnny. In the Scorpions, the best friends are Jamal and Tito. Another thing the books have in common is they both involve school. In the Scorpions, Jamal has a hard time at school by being bullied by students and teachers.

In the Outsiders, Pony is ashamed to say that his favorite brother Sodapop is a dropout. Both books also have people that die. Johnny and Dally died in the Outsiders, and Bob died in the Scorpions. The two novels also have a lot of differences. The gangs in the books have different ways or representing themselves. For example the Scorpions have a shield that is yellow and has a scorpion on it. The Greasers in the Outsiders represent themselves by greasing their hair. Another difference the two gangs have is the location they meet up in.

The Scorpions meet up in an abandoned fire house, while in the Outsiders the Greasers are usually always in Ponyboy’s home. Both books also have different relationships in them. In the Scorpions, Jamal has a family, and Tito has his Abuela. In the Outsiders, Johnny is abused at home by his folks, and Ponyboy’s parents are deceased. In conclusion, these books taught me that life is NOT fair. Bad things happen to good people, but life goes on. Both books have many similarities and differences. I learned that even though people die and stuff goes wrong, there will always be a better day. ‘You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain’.

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