Scorpions by Walter Dean Myers

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This book is about a kid called Jamal Hicks, and his buddy called Tito Cruz. Jamal have a sibling that remains in jail, since he stabbed another person, so Jamal’s mom need to get the cash to get him out of prison. Jamal suffers at school, since he does not do his homework, and he is always getting in trouble, and he is always on Mr. Davidson office the principal of the school. He also has a young sibling named Sassy.

At school there is a kid named Dwayne, and he constantly a bother to Jamal, thats why often Jamal gets in problem.

His bro Randy the one that in prison, he had a group called the Scorpions he was the leader the group, the group does great deals of things, like they offered drugs, and fracture, and stuff like that. Jamal have a pal in the Scorpions his called is Mack, and Mack informed to Jamal that if he wish to collect the cash that were 2000 thousand dollars, he can be in the Scorpions and he can be the leader, he said that he can take Randy location till he leaves prison.

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The next day Jamal informed to Tito that he is going to run the Scorpions, which he can be there too with him. The next day they went together with Mack to go and fulfill the other Scorpions, and Mack gave a weapon to the kids, so they feel secured, so they opt for the other men and there were 3 men one was Indian, Blood, and Angel.

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Jamal informed them that he is only 12 years of ages, and he is very young to run this group, however understand he is the leader of the Scorpions.

In school Dwayne troubles Jamal, so Jamal snaps, and Dwayne stated that he wishes to fight Jamal outside, but Jamal had to bring the weapon to school, so when they were battling Jamal took the weapon and terrified Dwayne, however Dwayne in the battle punched Jamal in the face. Jamal is terrified that Dwayne is gon na tell someone about the weapon. Tito and Jamal are believing if they are going to toss the weapon away, so Jamal informed Tito that if he can keep this for a while. Indian the one that desires to be the leader is trying to injure Jamal, so he can be the leader.

The next day Randy was on the hospital, the doctors said that someone stabbed him, Jamal thinks that it was Indian. The next day Tito said that Abuela {Tito’s grandma} found the gun and told to him to never come back, Tito was crying a lot. Jamal don’t want to be the leader of the Scorpions anymore, because he is going to be in so much trouble, so he told Mack that he want to tell to Indian that he can be the leader of the Scorpions. Indian said that he can meet him at the park at 11 o’clock at the night.

Jamal asked Tito that can he come with him? Tito said yes, and Jamal told Tito to bring the gun. They were at the park and Indian and Angel were over there waiting for them, Jamal told Indian that he didn’t want to be the leader of the Scorpions anymore, that he can be the leader now, Indian said okay, but he pushed Jamal, and punched him in the stomach, the Angel grabbed his body to Indian punched him in the face. Then when Jamal woke up Angel was on the floor, and Indian too, Tito he shot them.

This story reminds me when I was the leader of a group, and it was really hard, because you need to do so much work, and also taking care of the group. I think the kids {Jamal, and Tito} when they got the gun they said that they feel protected, but I think they feel scared, because the police, or a family member can catch them, and put them in jail. I predict hat in the future of this book will happen like, this boys will get in trouble, because Abuela found the gun, and Tito shoot somebody, and also Dwayne can tell somebody about the gun, like his mom, the principal of the school, or a teacher.

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