Scope Of The Study

Ever increasing demands for water exceeding its availability due to population explosion, industrial revolution etc., have led to several other problems. Besides, water is also used for drinking, irrigation and hydropower generation etc. In spite of multifarious uses, unfortunately the water bodies are being used as receptacles for sewage and industrial wastes. Proper management and enforcement of environmental laws alone can save us from the awful situation. The dissolved and suspended solids contained in the reservoir water are derived from all materials with which the water comes in contact including the atmosphere, vegetation, soil and rocks.

A significant variation of water quality in the reservoir can be expected due to the nature of input of water from these sources of contamination seasonally.

Water bodies contain both organic and inorganic dissolved solids. The inorganic solids consist of anions like carbonate, chloride, sulphate, nitrate etc., the concentration of cations like magnesium, sodium, potassium and anions like chloride undergo minor fluctuation within a fresh water body.

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The ionic composition of water has an important role in the metabolism of various aquatic organisms and it is the index of productivity. The concentration of calcium, inorganic carbon and sulphate are influenced by microbial metabolism. The direct relationship between calcium content is an indication of eutrophic water. To benefit from the algae in lakes, ponds, dam reservoirs and rivers, it is necessary to study the taxonomy of fresh water system. Algae, the source of oxygen in aquatic system are the main autochthonous primary producers and are used in determining water pollution levels.

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