Scope and Limitation Essay

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Scope and Limitation

The researchers aim to develop an electronic voting system for the organization of ELITS or registered students voters of College of Engineering and Information Technology since they are still using a manual system in their voting processes. This system has been actively discussed by the group of students and the researchers for the purpose of offering voters a possibility of electronic voting of officials/leaders for the ELITS organization for the 2015 election.

The e-voting has a legal basis laid out on the following legal acts: Local Government Council Election Act no. 50;
Riigikogu Election Act no. 44;
European Parliament Election Act no. 43;
Referendum Act 37.

To promote the e-voting system personal authentication using digital signatures and ID cards has been created and have been issued meaning most of the eligible voters is covered. From a technical view point and scope of the e-voting, the elections are made of the following components like calling or purpose of election, registration of candidates, preparation of polling list, voting (a subset of which is e-voting) and counting of votes. The e-voting system for the ELITS aims to select candidates who are responsible and knowledgeable in leading the Information Technology students to become better individual and person as a whole. The e-voting procedure must be based on the following:

Voter list have been prepared and are available in a suitable format, The candidate list have been prepared and are available in a suitable format, E-votes are counted separately and are later added to the rest of the votes, Voter lists (including the polling division and constituency assigned to the voter) Candidate lists,

Expressed will of the voters,
Summarized results of e-voters,
And list of voters who used e-voting.

Therefore the e-voting procedure will be beneficial auditable, transparent, secured and helps reduce human error. It is also vitally important that everyone who is eligible to participate in elections can do so. And electronic voting is very good at making voting more accessible, meaning it’s easier for students to vote independently.

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