Scientific Method Matching Exercise Resource

a) A scientist, based on his observation of the pond, believes that if a pond is exposed to the waste of an industrial plant, then the growth of algae will be accelerated.

b) In her laboratory, a scientist pours a vial of waste water, collected from the industrial plant, and adds it to a dish containing pond water. A second dish (the control dish), containing the same pond water, does not receive the waste water sample.

c) A scientist wonders if the waste water emitted from an industrial plant is accelerating the growth of algae in a pond.

d) After five days, the scientist measures the amount of algae present in each dish.

e) The scientist submits his findings to a scientific journal.

f) After the data is collected, the scientist discovers that the dish containing both the pond water and waste water had more than twice the amount of algae than the control dish.

g) A scientist observes that a pond adjacent to an industrial plant has heavier algae growth than ponds farther away.

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Part II
Explain why you believe the “Examples of Task” (Column 2) that you selected is an example of the corresponding “Scientific Method Steps” (Column 1).

1) The “Examples of Tasks” I selected for the Scientific Method Step: “Observe”, is accurate because: The steps to a method of scientific observation are significant to collecting informative information that is applied to studied information gathered to bring about questions. The importance of the method of observation is hunting for a cause and effect, collecting data, evaluations, testing, and correspondence.

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Observation will allow for preparation of changes. 2) The “Examples of Tasks” I selected for the Scientific Method Step: “Ask a question” is accurate because:

“Asking a question” is a method of good observations. Information that is gathered and analyzed by the collection of information investigated. Why, when, what, and how does the information work or does not work.

3) The “Examples of Tasks” I selected for the Scientific Method Step: “Create a hypothesis” is accurate because: The creation of a hypothesis are the answers of the questions that are formulated through why, when, what, and how. This an educated guess based on the observation and questions asked during the observation and questions asked.

4) The “Examples of Tasks” I selected for the Scientific Method Step: “Conduct an experiment” is accurate because: Conducting experiment, is when the scientist have questions they want answers to, also wanting to know how things work. This will mean to finding out the facts or to come up with a new theory.

5) The “Examples of Tasks” I selected for the Scientific Method Step: “Collect data” is accurate because: As the observation of algae, the information must be recorded as how it is seen. The information that is collected during the process of the experiment, are not to be altered from what is observed. This is a recording of all of what has been viewed at the time of growth, color or any changes.

6) The “Examples of Tasks” I selected for the Scientific Method Step: “Interpret results” is accurate because:

Interpret results, is after the information is collected a proven statement now can be made. This is a statement of what is discovered at the time of the observation. All information would make the determination of the proven statement.

7) The “Examples of Tasks” I selected for the Scientific Method Step: “Report results”, is accurate because: Reporting results, is presenting conclusion of the ending results or finding to a scientific journals. This is a concluded finding of what was found during the experiment. Therefore, all is satisfied with the conclusion it is then the finial reported results.

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