Scientific method Essay

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Scientific method

?Post your report to Individual Paper #2 by Tuesday, midnight. Format: The report is to be 7-to-8 pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins, 10-to-12 point type, and posted as rtf or Word document. Use APA format for references. The cover page, references, and appendixes are not part of the page count. The organization of the report is to include: Introduction: A brief, one-to-two paragraph introduction that succinctly states the issues or problems you will discuss in the report.

Do not restate the facts presented in the case. Assume that your audience knows the facts of the case. Analysis (Respond to the questions in the order they are listed): 1. What are the major issues and management problems challenging Chabros International Group? Choose two (2) of the following: Strategy/mode of entry; organizational structure; marketing strategy; sourcing strategies/logistics; international and local staffing policy. 2. What motivated Chami to expand Chabros’ operations internationally?

What strategy did he follow: International, multinational, global or transnational? 3. What strategies/options were available to Chabros to overcome the financial crisis? Which strategy/option would you recommend? Why? 4. If you decide to follow a market development growth strategy, into which new country would you expand? Rank the candidate countries. Explain how you derived your ranking. 5. If you decide to follow a market penetration growth strategy, which country where Chabros is already present would you further penetrate?

6. Would Morocco be a good country to expand into? Conclusions and Lessons Learned: What insights does this case give you into the connection between the cultural context and making business decisions? What can the company you chose for your Team Report #2 learn from this case study on the issues you identified? Are there examples of “best practice” you can point to from case studies discussed in Discussions this semester?

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