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Scientific Inventions Essay Examples

Essay on Scientific Inventions

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Most important inventions

Also, the people from divergent parts of the world could travel from one region to the other quickly, thereby exchanging different aspects in social and cultural experiences. It is one of the crucial factors that help business expand to global market. Furthermore, children can attend school in distant countries. In the past, this was impossible. Hence, the children of today are better educated tha...

Bright Ideas: Inventions That Changed History

Many if our modern inventions are the result of having such bright ideas of scientists who tried vainly for the making of them. One has to thank Newton, Einstein, Edison and hundreds of other scientists who have changed our way of lifestyle, how we react, how we so everything. Such were those great ideas that shaked the earth. But these bright ideas have made inventions whom we are using for the d...

Inventors and their Scientific Inventions

Adams Sons and Company was formed in 1876 by the glass merchant Thomas Adams (1818-1905) and his two sons. As a result of experiments in a warehouse of Front Street, Adams made chewing gum that had chicle as an ingredient, large quantities of which had been made available to him by General Antonio de Santa Anna of Mexico, who was in exile in Staten Island and at whose instigation Adams had tried t...

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Computer as The Best Invention of 20th Century

The computers have immense power with great performance . It has become cheap and easy to use in automatic coding and encoding and protection of data . In this century the effect of globalization has resulted to internet shopping through a phenomenon called e-commerce . The computers have been used to complete transactions via the internet and this has made business penetrate all nations of the wo...

Inventing the Airplane, Changing the World

Just think about it, all the amazing places you’ve been to, that you had to fly to get there would have never happened. Some of you wouldn’t even live here all because the air plane wasn’t made. I know I wouldn’t be here. Have you ever thought about t like that? I bet a lot of you haven’t. Finally, I have proof that the air plane is the best invention. I explained how the wright brothers...

Principles of Firearms Operating Systems

The gas-operated platform used by AR15 rifles is considered the most reliable for the class. As long as the platform is kept clean the rifle will continue to function. The reduced amount of felt recoil from the system allows the user to make quick follow-up shots and allows them to better stay on target. Law enforcement will find the platform most useful, as well as homeowners looking for a home d...

Modern Inventions

On the other hand, environment has been negatively affected as a result of the excessive exploration of natural rescources. Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution in industrial process and so on is deteriorating our planet on a daily basis. In addition to that, people are now living a sedentary lifestyle due to the convinient public transport and use of internet. They do not have to take ...

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