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Piaget’s and Erikson’s theories during naturalistic observation
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In order to study human development and perform naturalistic observation I went to the mall. I selected a 9-year-old white girl as the subject for my observation. I observed the subject for 30 minutes. During my observation the subject was not interrupted and was not aware of my study. The girl was spending time with her mother and brother at the mall. She was enjoying herself. She played some games with her brother. The games included jumping and running. During…...
Uncertainty Reduction Theory
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In this age of digital handhelds, mobile communication, instant messaging and the twin mammoths of information technology and virtual omnipresence afforded by the world wide web, 'uncertainty' seems hardly a notion that requires our deliberate attention anymore. And terms like 'alienation' and 'communication' are used in lesser instances of proximity to each other. These words however, do exist and operate as a matter of certainty in today's reality. Uncertainty, it would seem, is what compels most of us to communicate…...
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